As the holy month of Ramadan is just about to arrive, fasting would be definitely gaining a huge popularity and a regular act to be conducted by Muslims worldwide during this month, but what are the benefits related to your body when you fast?

BetterRead went ahead and researched about the facts to found out the functioning of the human body as we fast. We are certain that our beloved readers are awesome, so we gather such amazing tips and tricks that make your lifestyle go ahead with healthy changes to adapt. As you are going to fast due to a religious necessity ahead in the month of Ramadan, here is what would be happening to your body when you fast.

Sugar breakdown

The first hours of keeping a fast are quite normal and in a routine manner for most of us since our human bodies is passing through the regular process of glycogen break down and storage of glucose to boost our energy levels. Normally, almost 25 percent of that break down of glycogen and glucose storage goes right to your brain while the rest supports muscles and red blood cells. Here are some of the Harmful Fortunes of Sugar That We Didn’t Knew Before


After five to six hours of passing down, depending on the level of sugar present in your blood cells, you will start to reach down the stage of ketosis – a kind of metabolic state, during which your normal level of energy is being supported by ketone bodies in your blood. This is a known process of fat breakdown since breakage of fat eventually leads to ketone human bodies. This is the exact moment when the body is prepared to fast for real, and it is considered as a desirable state to be in for people who are ready for weight loss in the fasting period. This state actually tends to happen during a regular fast, if observed in a proper dietary manner. Moreover, you need to avoid these habits during Suhoor.

Clean-up of Cholesterol and uric acid

As the process of ketosis begins, several major things start to happen within the human body. Our human body will start releasing uric acid and cholesterol into our bloodstream which is an essential part of a detox process within our body. As this stage happens, you will eventually experience, muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, joint aches and skin rashes in rare cases. As this stage will about to end, the panic symptom will reduce and the regular blood pressure will start to drop off. The cholesterol, calcification process, and mucoid plaque will get minimized as well.

Resting of the digestive system

A matter of fact that our regular intake of food is reduced during fasting, our digestive system starts to take a nap or you can call it a rest form. But as the digestive process takes an adequate amount of time to begin functioning, it is never completely stopped during a regular fast. It continues to work in a real slow manner.

Emotional detox

During the first six hours of a regular fast, you are going to feel really hungry and maybe overexcited about the food intake. It may boost emotions of frustration, anger, feeling sad, or down. It is really important how you deal with such emotional activities as they some and remind you the purpose that you actually are performing a fast to restore your faith according to Islam. Focus on peaceful activities such as recitation of Quran and praying five times in a day as it doesn’t require a lot of physical activity at all.

Hope, you find this article an informative thing to read. We would appreciate your views on this one.

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