Cleaning your rooms and whole home requires a hell lot of time and patience as well. No matter how much you plan to clean every single item in your home, there is a huge list of items that go unnoticed during the cleaning process.

BetterRead collected a list of handy and essential little items to be cleaned thoroughly and there is an obvious reason for it.

Let us have a look at the list of items:


Your refrigerator holds up a bulk of food items that are stored inside unless you take them out for usage. It could make you feel ill if you don’t clean it once in a while. Compartments that contains veggies and meat in the fridge are two of the most germiest places. You need to unplug the switch off the fridge and empty the whole items. Throw out old containers and expired foods into the bin, and then wipe every single thing with a liquid spray. Soak all the drawers in the warm water and scrub them with the help of dish soap for cleaning. Place it back when the drawers are completely dry.


Yes, you need to put down the pillows in the washing machine once in a month. You need to put two pillows at a time in the washing machine as putting more of it can cause a damage to the pillows and washing machine as well. It has an excessive amount of bacteria in it and you really need not to have any sort of bacterial infection on your face as it is directly in contact with your pillows during a good night sleep.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers

It is a great idea to keep such places clean where you store all of your dishes and other cooking accessories, right? You need to evacuate the cabinets and drawers completely. Toss the expired food items, if any of them are present, and wipe the dirt away. Clean the cabinets and drawers thoroughly and let them dry.


You need to organize your garage and leave some extra room for parking your vehicles and other things as well. You would be amazed to remove the unwanted items that your garage or car porch has been stuffed up with over time and how much important it is to evacuate from such items.

Shower curtain

Soap and shampoo foams and scums leave behind stain over the curtain when it is dry. Yes, we are talking about the shower curtain here and it really doesn’t require that much of a time to be cleaned. You can clean it up with the help of water and detergent to make it fresh, vibrant and clean as you try to clean the rest of the bathroom.

Cards in your wallet

Debit, credit and other important cards inside your wallet are being used for almost every single day during many times and we don’t even think about how much dirty they are as we touch them too often. They must be actually cleaned as they are a load of contamination. You need to thoroughly wipe the cards with a moist cloth and scrub it clean with the help of any antibacterial liquid available.


Keys are also one of the daily used items that surely needs a wash. For keeping them clean and preventing them from rusting away, use the lemon and salt mix and rinse thoroughly with the help of dishwashing soap. But, if your door keys are already rusty, you need to soak them in a vinegar extract with a water mix for at least 20 minutes, rinse it and leave it for half an hour. It is going to be removing the rust from the keys.


You must be thinking that your doorknobs won’t be having any bacterial germs? Well, think again. You need to take a couple of minutes to get it cleaned by wiping down the most touched doorknobs of your house and the most common doors that you open and close every single day. You don’t want the germs to stick around on your hands as you open or close the doors of your home, making you get diseases such as flu, fever or stomach related diseases.

Computer and TV screens

The primary thing before cleaning laptop, PC or TV screens with remote is to turn the switch properly plugged out of the electric boards. Take your time to get the devices cooled as you start cleaning them. You need to wipe away all the excessive dust with the help of the soft cloth. Then, dip the piece of cloth into a mix of water and antibacterial spray. Don’t soak it completely. Just make the cloth a bit of damp and gently wipe the screens and keys with the help of a cloth and let it dry with another piece of clean cloth.

Reusable water bottles

As the summer season is almost here, you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. You need to make sure that your reusable bottles are clean and add them to a load of dirty dishes in the sink to clean them properly with the help of dishwasher soap bar. Rinse them off with the help of clean water, likewise, you wash the rest of the dishes.

Hope, you are not going to miss out such little items next time you are planning to clean the rest of your home.

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