You are what you eat sounds familiar as it is a quote used for decades by our ancestors. But what we act before in taking a meal also has a huge impact on our physical and mental health.BetterRead is going to let you know about the most common things that you must avoid on an empty stomach and that must be at least for two hours after the intake of your last meal.

Take anti-inflammatories

Paracetamol, Panadol, aspirin and other types of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pills must not be your choice to intake on an empty stomach. It causes serious health issues such as gastric bleedings, moreover, it reduces the effect as well. It is an advice to take these types of drugs with milk as it lowers the negative effects of such drugs. And, if it isn’t available for you, then you can wash the drug down with the excessive use of water.

Drink coffee or tea

If you are not used to quit the habit of drinking a cup of coffee or tea as the first ever thing in the morning, you need to consume it with the cream or more milk as milk fat is going to reduce its negative effects. Even decaffeinated coffee rouses the acid production that might lead to a heartburn and other digestive tract problems if you take it on an empty stomach. And, the worst part is to skip the breakfast after taking a cup of tea or coffee as it may lead towards a gloomy mood for the rest of the day, completely spoiled due to serotonin deficiency.

Chew gum

The acid produced in your stomach as you chew a gum on an empty stomach is going to leave a bad impact on the lining of an empty stomach and overindulgence with chewing gum is a leading sign to gastritis. Scientifically, it is proven that people who chew gums on a regular basis are tempted to eat junk foods rather than sticking to nutritious veggies and fruits. You need to avoid chewing gums for more than ten minutes, even if you are full of your appetite.

Go to bed

Low level of glucose and hunger together stops us from sleep and leads to superficial sleep and early wake up calls as compared to a routine. Surprisingly, lack of sleep boosts the level of hunger-related hormones. This is the obvious reason why we tend to eat more on the next day after skipping on a dinner. Engaging yourself before going to sleep is not a perfect idea for physical and mental health. The perfect solution is the usage of dairy products as they contain calcium and magnesium. These elements will ensure a normal and a good sleep.

Intense workout

There is a myth that working out or hitting a gym on an empty stomach burns down more calories. But, the fact is that it doesn’t impact on the fat loss. Rather you get the muscle loss for real. Moreover, the intensity and consistency to work out also reduce since the body is not energetic at all. It would be better to switch to aerobic workout rather than replacing it with intense training on an empty stomach.

Drink citrus juice

The fibers and acid present in citrus fruits create a panic on your empty stomach, that is really harmful to people carrying gastritis or are at the risk of developing it. It would be better to dilute the citrus juice with water in a 1:1 ratio as it wouldn’t be creating a bad impact on your overall health while you are empty with the stomach.


Hunger is proven by various researchers to make us less composed in related to arguments. It tends to happen due to the fact that self-control requires energy, which is in short amount when our stomachs are empty. Drink something cozy or warm if you don’t have that much time to eat before any sort of argument. It will make a positive impression on your argument skills.Hope, you find this article an interesting thing to read. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: Home Remedies to Battle a Toothache

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