A microwave is must cooking equipment that almost every household has in their kitchen. But, unfortunately, not every one of us realizes the harm that can be caused while putting certain products in it. To protect from the damage and harm, SooperChef has made a list of things that do not belong to be in your microwave.


Certain fruits like bananas or apples will be losing a bit of their fruity taste and texture if you tend to put them in the microwave. Moreover, grapes are going to explode and talking about dried fruits such as raisins or prunes will fume up your whole kitchen, making your kitchen smoky and you may cough a lot.

Take-Away boxes

As convenient and handy they look and actually, they are, take-away containers can easily catch fire in a microwave. Or, if you are going to use the white ones with metal handles, they are going to make sparks and that can damage your microwave on a permanent basis.

Aluminum foil

Any foil or a metallic edging over the plate is going to nuke your microwave oven. So, no metals allowed in the microwave. Thin metals, such as foil tends to be more dangerous than thick ones. For instance, when you put a frying pan with thick walls into your microwave, your food won’t ever get warm as the metal reflect microwaves, and the heat simply does not get to what is inside the metal. Moreover, thin metals get overwhelmed by electric currents that are generated inside the microwave, and they heat up very instantly, causing a danger to catch fire inside.


Almost 95 percent of the heated plastic items will release chemical fumes. While some of them are marked as ‘microwave friendly’. You must try to avoid any kind of plastic containers or Styrofoam containers as they are going to release harmful and toxic chemicals into your food.


If you didn’t know up till now, the intense heat will produce a lot of steam underneath the shell of the egg. Since it would not have any release and eventually it will cause an explosion. It won’t be causing any destruction to your microwave, but the cleaning will be a real panic for you. If you are really conscious to hard boil your eggs in the microwave, make a little hole on top of the eggs so that the steam can easily escape from the egg.

Travel mugs

It is true that several types of mugs can work in a microwave oven, but only the ones that are ‘microwave friendly’. They are going to protect the contents from heating since they are made to prevent temperature change. At worst case, they can really cause damage to your microwave as most of these mugs have a stainless-steel component in them.

Frozen meat

Frozen meat in the microwave oven at a certain temperature suggested to defrost it, will cook unevenly. The insides of the meat will remain frozen while the edges will be cooked.

Brown paper bags

Nothing is as harmless as a paper bag seems to be, yet they are not only unsanitary but also have the tendency to emit toxic fumes. Under intense heat, they will ignite and catch fire.

All we want at SooperChef for you is to stay safe and healthy! So, if you know any other things that are not on the list above. Please share!

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