We all are agreed to the fact that cooking is an ‘Art’ and SooperChef has made this art even easier by providing 1-minute instant cooking recipe videos with complete ingredients along with method about how to cook delectable and mouthwatering dishes that will be surely admired by your loved ones.

No matter what, it is really necessary to rely not only on your skills, but on the set of easiest rules that SooperChef provides in their instant cooking dishes, as well. BetterRead has gathered some really hidden tricks that are going to make your dishes even tastier to fill the appetite of your family, kids’ and guests.

Let’s have a look at some of the important and easy tips and tricks:

Chili Peppers Trick

Pakistani recipes are almost incomplete without the basic ingredient. Yes, we are talking about Red Chili Peppers. If you are indulged to add chili peppers into your cooking recipes and also want to decrease its hotness. All you need to do is remove the seeds and veins and rinse them in cold water. The spice of peppers will disappear in a blink, but we assure you that the taste will remain the same.

Crispy Potatoes

Yes! You can easily get the crisp and crusty potatoes without even using the frying pan and cooking oil. All you need to do is powder them with any kind of flour and baking them and your crispy crust potatoes are good to be served with your favorite sausage or ketchup as a snack.

Veggies Trick

If you really aren’t sure about either you need to put your vegetables in the boiling hot water or in the cold water, keep this thing in your mind: Vegetables that grow above the ground require hot water to be cooked properly and veggies that are grown under the ground require cold water for cooking them in a proper manner.

Baked Beets Tip

Use the beets that are properly baked in foil for salad as baked beets are rich and jam-packed with loads of vitamins and they also have a tendency to retain their proper rich color and taste. Boiled beets is certainly not a good idea as they lose their color, taste and vitamins as well.

Cutting an Onion

Cutting and slicing an onion can be as simple if you are going to split it in two pieces, then trim off its tip and the root, now do horizontal cuttings and then follow the length way slicing. The amount of slice totally depends upon how much of the size do you want and then finally cut the onion crosswise. It’s as simple as it is.

Salad Dressing

You should keep that in mind that dressing of the salad must be done after adding the salt in it. Otherwise, oil will not allow the salt to dissolve completely into your salad.

Perfect Pasta

This one simple tip will never let your pasta stick together or make a jumble of it. You need to add as much water as possible while cooking it. For cooking 100 grams of dry pasta, you need to cook it in one liter of water and you are going to get the ultimate guaranteed perfect pasta out of it.

Perfect Dough for Pastries

The secret of making the perfect dough for your sweet and crispy pastries is as simple. You need to keep that in mind that the flour’s weight must be equal to the sugar weight while making dough and also the weight of the eggs should be equal to the butter’s weight.

Cooking Soft Mashed Potatoes

You need to add some milk and some baking soda on the tip of the knife and whip it thoroughly while cooking and softening your potatoes and mashing them unless you get the perfect soft mashed potatoes.

Wooden Stick Trick

You need to use a wooden stick to check whether the cooking oil is hot enough to fry your desired cooking items. If you see the bubbles popping around that wooden stick, this indicates that it is time to get the cooking started.

Un-sticky Rice

For non-sticky rice, you need to roast them in a frying pan first with a small amount of vegetable oil and then add the water to boil them. If you want to develop an odor of garlic in it, add light garlic, almost one clove of garlic in the rice and remove it once the rice is cooked.

How to Properly Cut a Tomato

If you want to cut a tomato without disturbing its shape and maintaining to let the juice stay in, slice it strictly along the pith of the tomatoes’ surface. There will be veins inside that. You just need to separate the seeds from the tomatoes’ walls.

Making Meatballs Tastier

You need to heat up a proper chopped onion with vegetable oil and grind them together with the meat. It won’t just enhance the taste of the meatballs but it will also be helpful to eliminate the chances of chewing a raw onion in your mouth while eating cooked meatballs.

For the Ideal Steak

The one universal tip to cook an ideal steak is that your frying pan must be smoking hot until you put your steak in it to get it cooked properly. It all depends upon your taste that either you like semi-cooked, full-cooked or plain-cooked steak

Did you knew any of the above tips? Feel free to add your own tips and tricks so that others can learn from you as well.

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