Are you losing your hairs? It might seem like an easy fix – such as getting more or less of Vitamins for your body in the form of nutrients – or trickier or treat. Yes, it is quite true that most of the men are more likely to lose their silky, shiny hairs than women, majorly a cause of male pattern baldness. But thin hairs and hair loss is also common nowadays in women too, and we are not demoralizing ladies by this fact. The reasons can range from the temporary and simple vitamin deficiency in your body or the reason can turn out to be a complex one such as underlying your health condition. But, the good news is that SooperChef has come out with different ways to treat both male and female hair loss.

Here are some of the most common and not-so-common reasons why you might be suffering from hair loss.

Physical stress

Any type of physical traumatic surgery, severe illness, a car accident or even the flu can be a cause of your temporary hair loss. It triggers a type of hair loss known as telogen effluvium. Hairs have a programmed life cycle such as growth phase, rest phase and then comes the shedding phase. When you overcome a stressful event in your life, it can cause a shock to the hair cycle, pushing it towards to shedding phase. Hair loss can be noticed for about three to six months after the trauma happens to you. But, the good news is that your hairs will start growing back as healthier as your body recovers.


Pregnancy is also stated to be one of the forms of physical stress, causing hair loss. Pregnancy-related hair loss issues are seen more commonly after the baby has been delivered and finally came to the world rather than during pregnancy. Giving birth is of course pretty much traumatic indeed. What to do in such situation? If you are experiencing hair loss, be assured that your hair will grow back in a couple of months. Don’t worry. It is a normal thing and it’s going to work this way out.

Lack of protein

If you don’t add enough of the protein into your diet, your body may ration protein by shutting down your hair growth. It can happen for about two to three months after a drop of protein intake. You must be eating rich protein diet. There are ample of great sources of protein such as fish, eggs, and meat. Give a try to our mouthwatering Egg Scotch and Pomfret Fried Fish.


Female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is the female version of male pattern baldness. If you come from such a family where women start to have a hair loss problem at a certain age, then you might be the victim of it as well. Unlike men, women do not tend to have a proper receding hairline, but, instead their part of the hair loss may widen and they probably have noticeable or visible thin hairs. Well, for ladies, you can benefit from minoxidil to help grow their hair or at least, maintain the hair you have on your head. Rogaine is available commonly over the counter and is approved and attested for women with this type of hair loss issue.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress is also considered to be the less likely factor of that hair loss as compared to physical stress. But, it can happen, for instance, in case of the after death of a beloved one, divorce or while stressed out and feeling anxiety while caring for an aging parent. More often, though, emotional stress won’t be actually precipitating the hair loss. It will exacerbate a panic that is already there in your mind. Likewise, with the hair loss caused by the physical stress, this shedding will eventually vanish. While it is not known that reducing stress can help your hair, it can be hurtful either as well. Take some steps to battle your anxiety and stress, like working out or a yoga therapy, talking your heart out to friends and family will be a support that you actually need.


Across the world, almost one in ten women aged 20 through 49 years suffers from anemia due to the iron deficiency in their bodies, which is an easily fixable factor of hair loss. Your doctor needs to perform a blood test for you to examine that if you have this certain type of anemia developed in your body. You can add iron-rich nutrients in your meal plans and that will solve the problem of hair loss. Moreover, other symptoms of anemia include headache, pale skin, headache, fatigue and cold feet and hands.

Over styling

Vigorous hair styling and hair treatments such as rebounding, curling, or spraying with air gel can be a cause of your hair to fall out. There are plenty of examples when it comes to over styling your hairs such as tight braids, rebounding, corn rows, hair weaves as well as chemicals applied to straighten your hair plus coloring and shading the hairs is also and add-on to the hair loss. These beauty practices directly leave and impact to the hair roots, and your hair might not grow back. Many dermatologists recommend using conditioner after every shampoo, letting your hair dry with air, and limit yourself when it comes to curl your hairs as iron comes in contact directly with your hair and using heat driven products must be used once in a week, if it is compulsory for you.

Hope you find this article factual and interesting enough? Want to add your valuable feedback? Your views are always appreciated. Have a nice day ahead.

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