It’s a very lesser known fact that by the time you simply feel thirsty you have probably already dehydrated yourself. Proper hydration is actually rather difficult as most of us concentrate on the right consumption of calories, and only eating when they’re hungry but forget the fact that only drinking once you’re thirsty could lead to dehydration. Water is a very powerful substance and our organs need it more than they need nutrients from food, so it is time you start paying more attention to it. a mere month of proper hydration will help you could notice some major differences in your life. Sooperchef has listed the top ten changes that happen to you when you hydrate yourself.

1. You Start Losing Weight

The problem with dehydration is that our body often treats is hunger pangs. As a result, we are more prone to reaching out for an untimely snack when all we actually need is a glass of zero-calorie water. Having water actually staves off our cravings for several more hours and keeps our hands out of the cookie jar and makes it easier to cut the calories and lose unwanted weight.

2. Headaches Go Away

Another lesser known fact is that many headaches are simply the consequence of dehydration. Chugging down a glass of water once a headache has already commenced won’t prove to be very helpful, although hydrating yourself properly throughout the day can help you prevent it.

3. You Feel More Flexible

Our bones require water to rebuild cartilage, and cartilage is needed to protect our joints from impact. If you’re an athlete, for instance, a runner, you, in particular, can’t afford to stint on your water intake. Chugging down plenty of water helps your joints move with ease.

4. Brain Becomes Sharper

Water does a great job for our brain by carrying oxygen to it, which our brain is in desperate needs of in order to keep us in our game. Drinking more water will help you notice you can find solutions to problems quicker and you will also notice improved focusing skills.

5. Skin Feels Younger And Healthier

Our face just like all of our body is unable to maintain nice muscle tone if it’s not properly hydrated as a dehydrated skin is typically saggy, wrinkly. Consuming lots and lots of water during the day will help your skin look much younger and healthier with a radiant glow.

6. The Body is Detox’d

Our organs that remove toxins from the body such as our liver and kidneys tend to perform their jobs better when they are properly hydrated. Keeping them hydrated will help you fight off certain illnesses like colds, coughs, constipation, arthritis and even heart diseases. Click here to find out some tasty detox drinks you can make at home.

7. Heart Health Improves

Having enough water is great for our arterial system and the heart as it helps regulate blood pressure and acts as a natural blood thinner. By thinning the blood, it also thins down the risk of cardiovascular threats like strokes and heart attacks.

8. Sugary Cravings are Suppressed

Nowadays, commercially packed juices and drinks are nothing but a load of sugar and syrup. Most of the times, when we think we want a glass of juice or a soft drink, we just grab and gulp down a glass of water and the craving for the juice goes away and our body is saved from all the excessive sugar. Slowly but surely, if you keep this up, you are sure to crave water instead of harmful sugary drinks.

9. Your Workout Aptitude Improves

When we are not properly hydrated before a workout, we tend to feel more tired and dehydrate even quicker, which cuts our workouts short. Giving the body plenty of water before a workout means it can afford to sweat a little longer and give you a prolonged and improved workout.

10. Body’s Climate Stays Calm

Staying hydrated is an imperative component of the temperature regulation of our bodies. Our skin needs water to sweat, which is how it manages to regulate our body’s temperature, so the more we hydrate it, the more it sweats, and the easier it is for it to control our body temperature at a favorable state.

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