Heart murmurs can be meaningless or signify a real serious panic or a cause of heart problem. These are some of the indications that you need to watch for your own self.

What is a heart murmur?

A heart murmur isn’t just about having a feeling of fluttering in your chest. But, instead, you are not able to feel the murmuring at all. The stethoscope present on the table of any physician is the only detective tool to examine this swishing echo or a sound. Heart Murmur is caused by an abnormal type of blood flow in or around your heart. Some of the murmurs for humans are harmless, but on the other side, some of them can indicate a possible heart disease or a symptom of some serious heart-related issues. It might be a cause of the problem with our heart valves, either caused due to the leakage or narrowing of the holes present in the heart.

BetterRead has collected a couple of symptoms that you need to watch for a chronic heart disease.

Short breath or chest pain

Feeling stressed out and having difficulty to beat short breaths while you breathe in a normal manner is a sign related to a heart murmur, caused by serious valve issues. Valve stenosis, or you can call it as the tightening or narrowing of the heart valves tend to terminate the regular blood flow. Valve regurgitation is when a heart valve does not tend to close in an appropriate complete manner, creating a backflow of blood in one similar direction. You really need to take care of your heart as it signals a possible heart attack.


Iron deficiency, most common in women or anemia is a major cause rather than to be considered as a sign or a symptom, it certainly means that you are lacking healthy red blood cells within your body or there is an inadequate amount of oxygen that is being provided to the tissues in the human body. Silent symptoms of anemia must never be ignored. But, if you are experiencing other symptoms rather than being anemic, it is a better and a wise decision to visit your doctor on a priority basis that can determine a possible heart murmur.


There are major causes of a bloated stomach, but a puffy stomach is a red flag for your healthy body. Most of the people experience swollen feet, abdomen or ankles if they suffer from heart murmuring as well. It can cause a possible dysfunction in regards to heart valves and sometimes end up with a cause of excess fluid to build up within the stomach. Lower blood flow of heart ends up to lead clogged arteries. Here are some of the useful and handy tips on how to feel less bloated after a huge meal.

Thyroid problems

It is considered as a not so often symptom in regards to the murmuring of heart but it can be traced to a non-functional thyroid gland. On the other hand, an overactive thyroid might be a cause of stormy blood flow to your heart.


A slight or temporary heart murmur will be developed while you are pregnant, as it can cause an increase in the blood volume throughout the body. But, if you’re having a pregnancy, with the increased blood volume that is pumped throughout your body, certainly a doctor is recommended to detect any of the underlying cases, the heart murmur will get eradicated after the pregnancy happens.


Endocarditis is a type of infection of the heart’s inner lining and heart valves that can create a heart murmur. It generally occurs when bacteria from one part of the body, most commonly from your mouth travels down your bloodstream to become lodged in the heart. You need to maintain a proper oral hygiene and a regular visit to the dentist will prevent potential infections from happening.


It is normal to feel a bit unbalanced after suddenly standing in a quick manner or feeling light-headed after you go throughout your periods without an adequate eating or drinking or even having a healthy meal. But, feeling dizzy without any certain reason is surely related to the heart murmuring. Most of the people with severe heart valve issues tend to have a sudden faint or a blackout in front of the eyes.

Blue skin

If your skin has a blueish shade or a slight tint, especially on the side of your fingertips and lips, you need to visit your doctor as it could indicate a severe heart problem.

Loss of appetite

An infant who is not eating in an appropriate manner or have an issue regarding a normal weight, height or growth could have a possible number of various issues, including hormone deficiency, but the problem could be leading to a heart murmur. While it may be just an ‘innocent’ murmur that is going to fade away with the passage of time, you really need to visit a doctor for a proper evaluation of heart murmuring as it can lead to any possible heart disease.

Hope, you find this article informative and you are going to consider heart murmuring as a serious issue.

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