Hair loss!!! It is a major no-no for any of the female living on this planet, eventually leading to low self -esteem, but stay grateful as we have got some tricks of the trade that is surely going to add enough volume to your hairs, even if you are suffering from the major hair loss and have wispy and limp hairs.

BetterRead has gathered some genius tricks from the well-known hair stylist to add a luscious hair look to your personality.

So, Here are the tips:

Wash your hair on a frequent Basis

You really need to be gentle to your hairs like you treat your skin. By not washing your hairs and scalp, it causes clogs to the pores, leading to excessive oil production, that is going to make your hair have a greasy, sticky and limp looks. So, if you are dealing with thin hairs, you have to clean and shampoo your hair on a frequent basis and don’t forget to moisturize your hairs afterward. An anti-dandruff shampoo is recommended in this case.

Opt for the right hairstyle

When you have lesser hair than a normal one to style out with, opting for the right hairstyle is critical. You need to have a simple yet elegant hairstyle that is going to boost the volume of your hairs and thickness as well. And as much as everyone loves to have long hair, it is recommended to grow your hairs rather than having a short hairstyle, as the added hair length will give a weight to your hairs.

Color for highlighting

Coloring your hair is critical for such type of women who are in a seek to add fullness to their hairs. Highlighting your hair with the certain hair color is recommended as it could be an aid to battle out your thin hair because it adds texture and contrast to boost your hair. Highlights can cover your hair shaft and is going to absorb more oil from the scalp, eventually leading the hairs to have a fuller look and your hair won’t look greasy at all. Opt. for the hair color that suits with your skin tone as it makes your dense hair looks go unnoticed.

Hair products with keratin

Keratin and amino acids are best known to repair the base of your hair follicles and it won’t create a havoc to weigh your hair down. Try such type of hair products that are enriched with keratin and amino acids and certainly, you must choose for natural hair products rather than selecting for products having chemical ingredients, causing more harm rather than turning good for your hairs.

Apply dry shampoo

Dry shampoo applied smoothen ups perfect for thin hairs. It not only absorbs and wipes away the excess oil that makes your hair flat, and many dry shampoos leave a light color to your hair afterward. Dry shampoos are best for styling your hairs for a special event and create high-volume hairstyles to provide your hairs with more grit. But, you need to care for cleansing the scalp in an appropriate manner after the usage, and it is recommended not to use it for more than two days straight in a row as it will risk clogging the pores and hair follicles.

Select fiber-building powders

Hair color sprays or fiber is a unique and trendy way to enrich the texture of your hair and it also takes away the shine off of the scalp. These types of products cling to strands, making it a thicker look in diameter. Moreover, the color of your scalp makes the appearance of your hair to cover the scalp without eradicating away from the shine.

Backcomb your hair

Backcombing your hair is one of the recommended and perfect ways to add the volume to thin hairs. So, if you are about to try this tip, keep that in mind to use the right tools. Use a tangle-free brush that is made with nylon bristles and boar, inhibiting your split ends. Section your hair while backcombing and apply a dry shampoo for your body and end it up with a light hairspray.

Change up your part

You are adding good gesture to your hair if you have been parting them to the same side for years and years or maybe, throughout your life, but many experts advised to switch it up as it is the best way to add up more volume to your hairs and it will be an aid to distract your hairs from thinning up. It might feel a little bit weird, but when you part the hair in the opposite direction of growth, the lifting up of roots is going to happen, that is ultimately a good sign.

Hope you find this article informative. Do add your valuable comments below.

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