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Let us have a look at some of the awesome life hacks that are going to help you with certain things to make your life much easier:

Grow Red roses from cuttings

So, here is the trick for growing your roses from cuttings. Before planting a rose cutting, push the bottom of each cutting into regular size potatoes. Nutrients and moisture present inside the potatoes will help the cuttings to develop healthy roots and your roses will bloom like in the garden.

Dry up your clothes fast

If you do not have a dryer at home and you are in a hurry to dry your clothes as quickly as possible, here is what you need to do. You need to place your wet clothing on a dry towel. Now, you must roll the towel with the wet garment inside it. Pick it up and twist & squeeze as tight as you can to get the excess water out. After you have drained the excess water, hang your garment on a hanger and leave it to fully dry.

Smelly shoes

If your shoes are smelling like hell, you need to place a couple of dry tea bags inside each shoe and they are going to absorb the bad smell and odor. But, if your shoes are not just smelly but also contain moisture, fill them with the mixture of rice and baking soda and you got to leave them for a couple of days.

Tight shoes

If your new shoes are just too tight that it causes an itch or ache while you wear them and walk, here is a tip to stretch them and loosen up. Stuff each shoe with the wet newspaper as tight as you possibly can. Now, let the shoes dry and then you may remove the newspaper. You are good to go with them.

How to Find small lost items

You need to use your vacuum cleaner to search out tiny items that you have lost, such as earrings or a gold ring. All you need to do is cover the end of a vacuum cleaner with a stocking and start your search from where you thought it got misplaced in the house. Do a regular check on a timely basis to see if the object that you have lost is already there stucked.

Remove Stains of your toilet bowl

Here is the simplest way to clean and brighten your toilet bowl. You need to pour a regular bottle or a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl side by side and let it remain unused overnight. In the morning, you just need to wash it with soapy water and flush it clean. That’s it. As simple as possible.

How to Unclog the drains

You need to clear the drain with the help of flushing hot water down the drain for a minute, then put one cup of baking soda into the drain and slowly add one cup of vinegar down the drain. Now, flush it one last time with hot boiling water.

Clean the shower head

For cleaning your shower head, you need to pick up a plastic bag and fill it with white vinegar. Now, place it tightly to the shower head with the help of rubber band. Leave the vinegar to get absorbed overnight, and remove the bag. It will be as pure and good and perfect to work like a new one.

Keep buttons from falling

To keep the buttons of your shirts or coats attached in their place, you need to paint them with a clear nail polish over the threads of the button and they will never fall off from your beloved clothes. Your problem is solved in a blink.

Freshen Your breath

If you have left home your toothpaste and toothbrush while you are going out on a vacation or a day out to hang with your friends, chew an apple and it will be sufficient to avoid your bad breath. Problem solved.

Open a stuck lid

Here is what you can do to open a stubborn jar lid or a bottle lid. Try to soak the lid in the hot boiling water and it will open easily or you can also try by placing a duct tape and pull it over. These are the easiest methods to open up the stuck lid.

Wooden spoon trick

This old method never lets you down. To keep your pot from boiling and spilling over on the stove, put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. The spoon is going to pop the bubbles and keep it from overflowing in an instant manner.

Hope you are going to give a try to these savage life hacks. Your comments are always appreciated.

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