Hello there, fans and followers of sooperchef! Valentine’s Day is near and lovers and couples are gearing up present their significant others with something special. Along with teddy bears, flowers and chocolates, there is something else that can convey your message of love and that is food. In the last article, we had covered the dessert recipes you can make for your loved one, and this one is about the dinner recipes you can make for your significant other with the help of Pakistan’s largest online food network.


Nothing can be lovelier than coming home from a hectic day and having a plateful of aromatic, and tasteful colored rice in front of you, made by the love of your life. This all rounding rice recipe that is eaten at many auspicious occasions like Eid and marriage ceremonies, can also prove to be a great dinner for your loved one that would tell them how much you adore them.

Potato Croquettes

If you are expecting your spouse or loved one over for a snack and cup of tea then the potato croquettes recipe by sooperchef is something that can set the mood just right, according to the occasion. Croquettes are quick and easy to make, so you would have to worry less if you are taking care of multiple dishes at the same time. Find the recipe here.

Tamarind Chicken Wings

Just like the potato croquettes recipe, the tamarind chicken wings recipe can be made with no fuss and in a very diminutive period of time and served as a delicious starter or entrée snack before a dinner. The tangy and sweet taste of the tamarind is sure to spice up the evening and it would become a memory for years to come.

Chicken Fingers

If you or your loved one is a fast food devotee, then some chicken fingers with French fries are sure to grace the table and be finger licking good at the same time. Although it takes a little bit of time and effort to get it right, but when it is ready, you would realize that it is truly worth the effort and the while. Taking less than an hour, the chicken fingers recipe can be prepared for three persons and is great for a double dinner date or when you are expecting company.

Ras Malai

Let’s end our list with something that is really drool-worthy and creamy. Yes, we are talking about none other than the delicious and milk ras malai recipe. desserts are a sign of love and ras malai might just be the right thing to serve on a beautiful valentines dinner where there is nothing to disturb you and your loved one, just you, him and a bowl of tasty ras malai, and things couldn’t get any better.

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