Losing weight and shedding fat is no child’s play, it takes a lot of time, dedication and patience. However, like every drop of the ocean is a part of it, every little effort is worth it. Here at sooperchef we have listed some subtle lifestyle changes that would require minimum and help you get rid of your “extra pound struggles”.

Know Your Food

These days, many of our favorite restaurants are offering lighter variants of our favorite meals and also their nutrition info which can be great. For example, a typical burger from your favorite restaurant contains almost 250 calories while a much healthier looking chicken and cream salad would hold 500 calories. So before switching to an apparent healthy diet, you must study it thoroughly.

Prepare Your Own Meals

This is one is a must-do if you want results. Preparing your own meals would not only help save you of thousands of excess calories but also lots of money. Preparing boiled eggs and a healthy sandwich, and keeping it in a ziplock bag would allow you to carry it for lunch and save 400-500 calories easily, leading to less fat and eventual weight loss.

Take Brisk Walks

If you are not willing to hit the gym mat yet, try getting off your chair and take a walk in the park and admire the beauty. The natural effect will help soothe your brain and body alike. It would require minimal effort as you would be walking merrily at the pace you want. Your android device would come in handy as there are many applications that will make your phone buzz with vibration until you get off your chair and take a walk. Technology at its very best.

Rest is a Must

Try going to bed an hour early and see one less kg on the scale after two weeks. According to a recent study, it has been proven that people who were sleep deprived, tend to gain more weight while the group of well-rested people displayed excellent weight loss results.

Add Protein to Your Daily Diet

Well, this one is a no-brainer, that protein supports weight loss and great for its maintenance. Consuming a high-protein meal helps you feel satiated throughout the day, which results in fewer and suppressed food cravings. An ideal example of a protein-rich diet would be an omelet in the morning, a chicken steak for lunch, and at least 4-6 ounces of poultry/fish/meat for supper. If you are not a big fan of the things listed above, you can always substitute one of your snacks with a protein shake.

Try a Mini Workout

Five minute home (mini) workouts have gained fame for a pretty good reason, they work like a miracle! Adding some squats, sit-ups, and pushups to your daily routine would take only ten minutes of your day but you cannot imagine the amount of benefit they would give you in return. But do make sure that you make it a part of your routine for guaranteed results.

Maintain a Food Journal

Writing down your meals would help you keep track of your calories and the food you eat, helping you stay on track. It would also serve as a gentle reminder that it is time for your snack of you just had dinner and you should stay away from second helpings. With the age of Android devices, this process is easier than ever as you can simply download a food diary app. To download the sooperchef.pk app, click here.

Plan a Cheat Meal Day

We are humans and not machines, and it is human nature that it gets fed up with routines very often. So in order to keep the frustration away, it is necessary that you plan a cheat meal day on which you can enjoy a burger or a pizza with your friends without hesitation or the feeling of regret. Go out, eat and savor your meal.

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