Human skin is sensitive enough to form pigment spots due to issues that include UV rays, liver diseases, chronic kidney issues, acne, pimples, skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis, age-related changes, vitamin deficiency and others as well.

Regrettably, such type of relaxing attitude towards skin like pigment spots can time-to-time be unavoidable. But skin informalities like pigment spots can oftentimes be unavoidable. Don’t get worried as we have listed a couple of beauty recipes with daily food items that can easily be available in your own kitchen.

BetterRead is providing you with the remedies to get rid of pigment spots and how to halt their formation on your beautiful skin. But, before using anything on your face, you must be checking that either your skin is allergic to that specific product or not. For that, you can apply the product on your forearm and check out the reaction of your skin for almost a day.

How to treat pigment spots on your skin at home?

As you start the home treatment of your skin, clear it first with some sugar scrub or soft salt with the mixture of any type of oil. Now, apply the scrub to the desired area by the use of slight movements, but, be concerned that the mixture doesn’t catch to your eyes and simply wash it off with lukewarm water. After application of the scrub, your skin is all set for the next stage, and that will be glowing your skin.


Lemon juice is considered the most effective ingredient for clearing, lightning, and disinfection of your skin, but, you need to be certain that your skin is not allergic to citrus. You need to simply make a mixture of lime juice with honey or sour cream and apply it directly on your skin surface. Wash it off after ten minutes. Another method to use the lemon juice for glowing your skin is to make a mix of water and wash your face with it up to three times in a day.


Soda is another perfect ingredient to make a mix with lime juice as a face wash for your skin. Simply, mix the soda with lemon juice and put it directly on your skin for almost every two days. If you have a sensitive or dry skin, then you should be using it for one to two times in a day. Or else, you can mix the soda with some drops of water and put it directly on the problematic skin area before washing it off with simple water.

Aloe Vera

This magic plant is not only used as a unique skin moisturizer, but it also aids to regenerate and helps with healing off pigment spots and burns. You need to cut the leaf and squeeze all of the juice and put it on any problematic area where spots are present for two times a day.


Onions consist of both Vitamin C and sulfur that aids to regenerate your skin and wipes away the pigment spots, smoothen up the wrinkles and battles acne on your skin as well. You need to make a juice of red onion and apply it to the desired areas of the face and wash it off with the cool water after ten minutes.


Garlic is a natural herb that contains a humungous amount of essential oils that is just perfect when it comes to lightening up your skin. For the best usage, you need to cut a clove of garlic in half pieces and rub it on your face for a couple of times in a day.


Apple cider vinegar is a natural agent for making your skin tone smoother and even. You need to apply the ingredient directly on the pigment spots that you wish to lighten and apply for about twenty minutes before you wash it off with cold water.


Yogurt consist of lactic acid that is an aid to polish your skin, disinfecting the other pigment spots as well. Apply the yogurt on your face and pay attention towards the problematic area of your skin. Wash it off with warm water after twenty minutes.


Regardless of the fact that it has an orange color, turmeric is naturally known for its glowing skin impact. You need to make a mix of this spice with the orange juice and heat it up for a couple of minutes and let it cool down and apply it to your skin.


Make a mix of ten aspirin pills with 3 ounces of water. Now, rub this mixture on to your face for almost three times a week. Make it sure for a three-day break as you use it for the treatment on a daily basis.

Hope you find this article informative to remove pigment spots from your skin. Do share your valuable views.

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