Almost one in ten people across the world suffer from some sort of kidney disease, as per the detailed global report on kidney disease care. To sum up, countries with a high-income population have a much high cost for kidney transplant and dialysis. Moreover, the treatment for kidney failure in any part of the world is costly and not affordable by the low-income group throughout the world and they suffer the most severe pain in their kidneys.

BetterRead has gathered such silent signs that tells about your kidneys to be in an excessive distress.

Let us have a look at such signs:

Itchy Skin or Unusual Rashes

If your kidneys are working properly, it leads to remove the excess waste from your bloodstream and keep your circulatory system of the body with a proper balance of minerals and nutrients. When something in that balance is interrupted or goes out of the way, it can leave a negative impact on your skin, ultimately leading to build up waste on the skin. As a result, itch, dry skin or rashes are the symptoms visible on your skin, showing the sign of kidney disease. These signs caused by the disease in the kidneys often becomes visible on the skin’s surface.

Metallic taste in the mouth

A sum up of toxins in your bloodstream could lead to poor kidney function and also adds up a metallic taste in your mouth, causing a really bad breath. Most of the patients start to feel their taste buds becoming metallic and they quit eating meat as much they used to intake before when their kidneys were healthy enough.

Vomiting or Nausea

If an excessive amount of waste is building up in your body, you will be experiencing the urge of vomiting or nausea as your body needs to release those unwanted toxins and they are not getting a proper way out via kidneys. Nausea could lead to more damage as lack of appetite, leading to abnormal weight loss.

Unnecessary urges of Urination

As the kidneys are bound to produce urine that excretes the waste minerals, but, more frequent trips to the restroom is something you need to take a notice of, as it is a leading indicator of kidney disease. For some of us, kidney disease results in false feeling to pee, while others report a great amount of urination than usual. Most of them say that this abnormal urination happens to wake them up during late night.

Changes in urine

Well, in a problem with urination more or less, you also can notice the change in the color of urine itself. The common type of abnormalities that tend to happen includes blood mix in the urine, light or dark pale color than normal, bubbly or foamy urination with consistency as well.

Swollen Hands, Legs, ankles, Feet or Face

The major function of the kidneys is the removal of excess and waste fluid out of the body via urination. But, if the body stops doing this, that fluid is held up inside our body, making it an extreme condition for the swelling of ankles, feet, legs, hands or even leaving behind a swollen face.

Dizziness and fatigue

As your kidneys don’t function properly for monitoring red blood cell count, patients with kidney disease suffer from anemia, leading towards a chronic dizziness and fatigue. Other major signs include feeling out of breath, cold or dizzy and these can be the worse signs of kidney disease.

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