The trouble of vitamin deficiency can particularly be relevant around the time of the year when it is the start of spring season. Without the proper intake of vitamins, the human body is prone to feeling weak and apathetic and becomes a soft target for various viruses and ailments. We at Sooperchef found out an amazing fact that all you need to do to determine if you’re getting enough vitamins or not is take a look in the mirror, for the fact that vitamin deficiency shows some really visible signs on the face. You can easily carry out your own health check while you’re reading the following article. It’s imperative to keep in mind that listed below are all indirect symptoms of vitamin scarcity. If you’ve detected one of the below in yourself, see a physician to get a more accurate diagnosis. The most visible signs of vitamin deficiency are:

Dry Hair

If you’ve got dry, brittle hair covered in a profusion of dandruff, then you could be suffering from a lack of biotin, known as vitamin B7. This often occurs as a result of excessive antibiotic usage. You can increase the B7 levels by eating meat, seafood, vegetables like mushrooms and fruits like strawberries and raspberries, and pulses more often, and you need to forget about going on a diet for a while.

Colorless Lips

Pale lips can be a cause of iron deficiency in a person. Low arterial pressure and frequent colds are signs that further strengthen this theory. To recover to a healthy amount of iron is not difficult at all; all you simply need to do is consume more red meat and stop eating food with high calcium content for a while.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are an indication of a lack of vitamin C. An abridged amount of this vitamin can lead to weakened immunity, muscular pain, and teeth related problems. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruit like oranges, limes, lemons and also in red peppers.

Fatigue, Dizziness, and Piercing Sensations (Pins)

Exhausted even after you have slept well? This could be a sign from your body that it may be suffering from a lack of vitamin B12. In this situation, the transportation of oxygen to the organs is slowed down which ultimately leads to fatigue, wooziness, and drowsiness. This vitamin also takes part in the standard performance of the brain and nervous system. Be deficient in it, and numbness or the feeling of electric shock waves will be experienced.

Puffy Eyes

If you’ve noticed inflammation around your eyes and in your limbs, your body might be iodine deficient. The most common sources of iodine are iodized salt as well as all types of seafood (lobsters, shrimps, and seaweed), dairy products, and even bread.

Pale Skin

If your skin has become entirely pale in contrast to how you usually look, this is an indication that you’re taking enough vitamin B12. Without it, the human body feels downhearted and tired. To reinstate the proper level of this vitamin, you need to consume more meat and seafood products.

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