Our human body shows various signs that reveal a lot that you are not intaking enough protein-based food items such as fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts, dairy and other protein-rich veggies to boost your body muscles and overall health. You can consider these Top 5 High Protein Foods.Here are some of the leading symptoms. Let us have a look at them:

You feel weak and hungry on a Constant basis

Protein-based food items take a long time to digest and that makes you feel boosted, full and energized. You need to start the consumption of more protein-based food items by adding recipes in your regular meal plans that are rich in protein as you will feel more satisfied and stronger on a constant basis and you won’t feel the weakness of muscles and hunger anymore.

You’re in a struggle to lose weight

People who are following diet plans who boosted their regular intake of protein to thirty percent of their total calories ate almost 450 less calories on a daily basis and were able to lose 11 pounds over a three-month time span, according to a research in the journal Nutrition Metabolism. Intaking an adequate amount of protein into your diet plans is really important as it ensures you to lose fats. Rich protein foods take more time to digest, metabolize, that ultimately means the burning down of more calories. They also take a long time to empty your stomach and you feel full for a long span of time.

You’re losing your hair

Hair is made mainly from protein in our body and your hair need an adequate amount of protein to stay healthy and nourish well from the inside out. If the human body lacks protein from your daily diet plans, it will ultimately try to save protein levels as much as it can and shift the normal growth of the hair into a ‘resting phase’. Eventually, your hairs will start shedding off more than usual. All you need to do is maintain a healthy protein diet plan for at least two to three servings of protein in a day to maintain a good amount of hair on your head.

You’re always getting sick

Good nutrition on a daily basis is a key to stay healthy. Our immune system is totally dependent on the perfect fuel to function in a proper manner. If you stay deficient in protein intake, it will result in the loss of T cells that are critical for fighting germs. As a result, our immune system is not able to ward off viruses and bacteria, leaving our human body with the fever or getting sick on a regular basis.

Your lower legs and feet swell up unexpectedly

If you avoid protein-rich diets, you will find yourself in the middle of getting prone to fluid retention around your feet and ankles. Proteins are helpful to hold back water and salt levels in our blood vessels and without enough amount of protein, these fluids can easily trickle down into surrounding tissues, making you to feel uncomfortable with the bloated sensation of swollen feet and lower part of the legs, known as edema. It ends up with shiny or stretched skin that retains a fingerprint after being pressed for some time.

Your skin gets patchy in places

The deficiency of protein in our body leads to dermatitis or itchiness of the skin, especially on the back of your thighs and buttocks. Lack of the amount of protein in the skin’s protective barrier leads to irritant allergies. Here is what you need to know about signs of diseases expressed on your face.Hope you find this article informative enough to read. We would admire your views on this one.Also Read: These Remarkable Things Happen to Your Body When You Eat Beets Regularly


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