Hands are known to be the primary body parts that show the symptoms of aging. But they can also specify certain health issues. Moreover, various doctors say that the condition of your hands can be a response to various medical and hormonal changes that are occurring on the other organs or parts of your body.

BetterRead has gathered five prominent signs that you really need to look forward at in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Red palms

Doctors explain that red palms can lead towards a symptom indicating severe liver issues, specifically if you are above fifty years. Mostly the redness is found at the outside of the edge of the palm. Moreover, rheumatoid arthritis can also be one of the leading reason for the redness of the palms. So, if you have spotted the red area on your hands, you really need to get some medical advice to discover the true reason for this specific issue.

Sweaty palms

There are various major reasons for sweaty palms such as stress, overactive thyroid, and excessive sweating. If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you can continue with really strong antiperspirants that are recommended by your doctor. Learn to tackle stress and anxiety by deep breathing. If it doesn’t work out fine, you need to consult your doctor.

Dry hands

The most prominent reason for dry skin on your hands either due to dehydration or estrogen deficiency, that is prominent in the period of menopause for most of the women. To avoid dehydration, consume an adequate amount of water and use moisturizers for hands. You can also consider to include seeds, nuts, and fishes in your dietary meal on a daily basis. You can visit SooperChef to cater all your cooking needs as the delectable recipes for meal plans are covered in 1-minute instant cooking video.

Shaking hands

It is pretty much obvious that trembling hands can be a major symptom to severe health issues such as Parkinson’s Disease. And, if you are struggling with trembling hands, you need to consult your doctor on an immediate basis. Moreover, you can minimize your daily intake of coffee and tea. Other reason for trembling hands lead toward the indication of major stress and anxiety.

Weak nails

Cracked, irregular or weak nails could be a leading sign of the zinc deficiency within your body. Zinc is really critical for our health as it is helpful for the division of cells, healing of wounds and also strengthens immune system. You need to add some zinc rich foods into your diet such as meat, nuts and oat.

Hope you find this article a worth it read for today. Your views would be highly appreciated.

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