Get the solution for the mystery behind your seemingly inexplicable tiredness and exhaustion – moreover, you also need to figure out some easy changes to boost your energy level, leading towards an improved quality of life.BetterRead is going to let you know about the surprising things that drain our energy on a daily basis and as a result, we feel tired and panicked throughout the day.

Too much caffeine

A cup of hot coffee intake in the afternoon can disturb your regular sleep cycle. Consumption of caffeine even six hours before bedtime can lower your chances of a nice sleep time, thus reducing the quality of the sleep as well. It is advised to intake the regular cup of coffee in the early morning as compared to in taking it in the afternoon at 2 pm. And, after that, you need to quit the intake of coffee for the rest of the day.


You will feel pride about your multitasking skills of doing four to five tasks at once, but there is a consequence to it. You are being confused in between the tasks assigned to you. All of your re-focusing and mind dependency skills takes the oxygenated glucose in your brain and it will make you feel really exhausted and you won’t be capable of keeping a track on your to-do list at all. What you need to do is focus on one task at a time and schedule a break of at least fifteen minutes for relaxing your brain to remain balanced at work.


You might have heard that if you feel a craving for hunger, you will eventually feel the thirst as well. But are you aware of the fact that if you feel exhausted or tired, you might experience thirst as well? Even mild type of dehydration can drain your energy level. It is really important to have a check on your water intake, all day long, especially in the summer season as our human body doesn’t feel the importance of thirst level until it is already 1 to 2 percent dehydrated.

Complaining about work

Almost all of us tend to complain about our jobs, but are you complaining it on a daily basis? If so, you are leading to a real big problem rather than an annoying boss. You need to be more organized and focused on the work-related solution regarding your job, instead of complaining and sharing those type of annoying complaints regarding work attitude to others. Be productive and positive about your working lifestyle.

Checking Facebook in bed

If you want some good start for your next day, you need to keep your smartphone out of the bed tonight. The blue light emitted by such devices is a true sleep stealer. It generally interrupts and reduces the secretion of the sleep-regulating hormone known as melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep during the night. You need to step away from the tech gadgets late at night for the best interest to boost your energy to a higher level for the next morning and the rest of the day.

Being iron-deficient

Is your diet literally composed to support your energy levels? Your body needs iron for the production of hemoglobin, and if it has a short amount of hemoglobin, less amount of oxygen will be traveling to your muscles, leading to drain your energy and as a result, it will create lack of focus. Make it sure that you are taking an adequate amount of iron intake in the form of leafy greens, meat, nuts, beans etc.

Hope, you find this article informative enough to read. We would like to get your views on this one.

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