As the Muslims across the globe are fasting regularly during this year’s Ramadan, it is a time that signifies the importance of an energy booster diet plan for all the Muslims who are following Rozas in a pious manner. The Sehri meal or pre-dawn meal is one of the most critical and vital meals for keeping the Roza since this meal is the only thing that tackles and enhances our routine physical and mental functions performed by our body throughout the entire day.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your energy levels boosted by staying hydrated at the time of Suhoor and also you need to intake a proper nutritious and well-balanced diet, moreover, you need to make the perfect options for drinks and foods for the entire month of Ramadan for a healthy mind and body. We all know that our country has an extremely hot weather condition during the days of Ramadan, bounded with a hectic daily busy lifestyle.

Therefore, SooperChef is going to suggest you such Sehri meals that are going to keep your hunger cravings and energy levels on check till you break your fast with the Iftaar.

Aloo Ka Paratha Recipe

This one recipe is a must try for the month of Ramadan during your Sehri time. It is going to leave an everlasting overcoming on your hunger cravings throughout your hectic and tiresome long day. The rich in the nutrient recipe can be prepared within five to ten minutes of your time. All you need for this recipe is wheat dough with a filling of spicy mashed boiled potatoes and then fry it over the cooking pan, commonly known as tawwa in Pakistan. You can add butter to it as well as per your taste and likings. It makes a perfect combination if served with pickle, raw yogurt, and namkeen or sweet lassi. Get the complete recipe of Aloo ka Paratha brought to you by SooperChef here.

Club Sandwich Recipe

This one delicious and rich in taste recipe is so simple and mouthwatering in taste and on top of that, it doesn’t require a hectic process to be made. It can easily be made if you are running short of time on cooking at your Suhoor. The recipe is going to curb your hunger cravings for the rest of the day due to its rich and fulfilling nutritional value. Learn how to make Club Sandwich recipe at home that is offered in the one-minute instant cooking video here.

Lahori Murgh Cholay Recipe

This desi and spicy recipe is going to delight your taste buds at the time of Sehri this Ramadan. The recipe is so famous and served as a main course breakfast in the entire city of Lahore, but this desi dish has gained popularity all across the nation due to its rich taste. It can be prepared within half an hour of your time and all you need is chicken, boiled chickpeas and a mix of basic spices to cook well in a thick gravy with the help of cooking oil. Get to know how to make Lahori Murgh Cholay at home by clicking here.

Thandai Recipe

This Punjabi originated desi drink is going to keep your nerves and stomach calm and cold throughout your entire hot day of having Roza. All you need are the basic ingredients such as almonds, Poppy seeds, sugar as per your liking, dried melon seeds, water, black pepper crushed, and green cardamom, all mixed together properly to get the enticing and energizing drink named as Sardai. Get the complete recipe of Thandai recipe brought to you by SooperChef here.

Chicken Keema Paratha Recipe

This recipe is also an instant one to be made and served to your family as a perfect Sehri dish as it has high amount of proteins in it. All you need to make this recipe is Qeema or minced meat that can be from chicken, mutton or beef. Cook that minced meat in the basic spices to make a perfect spicy Qeema and add it in the wheat dough layered over one another. Fry it over the cooking pan or to be named as tawwa till its gets golden brownish shade and your special delectable chicken Qeema paratha is ready to be served. It hardly takes half an hour of your time to prepare this recipe at home. Get the complete recipe of Chicken Qeema Paratha here.

Mango Lassi

As the mango season is about to arrive very soon, you definitely need to get indulged in this delicious and energy booster drink. It is so rich in taste and nutritional value that will feed your stomach quite well and its instant and revitalizing boost is going to last quite long to quench your thirst for the rest of the day. All you need is the mix of sugar, sliced mangoes, yogurt, milk and blend it well. Your mango lassi is all set to be served at the time of Suhoor. Get the complete recipe here.

Spanish Omelet

This special type of omelet is so energizing and nutritious to be served at the time of Sehri that it is going to fill your appetite for the rest of the day. It is quite different from a typical kind of omelet with some special ingredients that are added to spice it up and provide it an exclusive new taste for you munch on. Get the complete recipe of Spanish Omelet and do give a try at the time of Sehri by following the one-minute instant cooking video. SooperChef provides you with this delectable and nutritious in taste recipe to be prepared for your loved ones. Get the complete recipe here.

Have a blessed holy month of Ramadan from SooperChef, country’s number one and the largest digital food network of Pakistan.


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