Beauticians and health experts are most likely to recommend you to intake a healthy diet, hit a gym on a regular basis, or a must visit towards a skin specialist for reconditioning. Up to some extent, they are right on the point. But, what if you are running short of time and you have a real big family event to attend and you need to look more appealing and gorgeous!

BetterRead finalized to sort out the best ever secret tips that are helpful to revive your whole appearance within a short span of time. Your skin will look more soft and bright, hairs and nails will be silky, shiny and strong, and eyes will leave an everlasting impact on others. To sum up, you are going to look fabulous.

Here is how:

For your body

Boiled beet salad is a perfect homemade remedy for your skin. Moreover, beet juice purifies the arteries and blood. There is a direct connection between healthy blood and your skin appearance. Besides, such a healthy and nutritious salad improves the function of your inner organs and maintains a better quality of your skin.

For your nails

A perfect remedy for the growth of strong, shiny and healthy nails is to start eating an amount of 50 grams of nuts every single day. You can select the nuts as per your taste from the list including pistachios, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, or walnuts. It is a perfect source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are required for our body. That is exactly the catch that you don’t want to miss to stay healthy and beautiful with nails.

For your hair

Mustard powder and oil hair mask is a recommendation by a majority of beauty experts and stylists. You can apply a mask of this paste for at least once in every three-day time span. For making a mask out of it, you need to mix the mustard powder with the essential vegetable oil until you are able to make a thick paste to be applied on your hair. Apply this paste to your damp and moist hair and leave it to dry for half an hour, then rinse and clean it with warm water. Your hair will grow smooth and faster as it will look more elegant, shiny, silky with a soft touch if you are going to use this mask on a regular basis.

For your face

All you need to do is apply the mixture of Vitamin E and glycerine to clean the facial skin one hour before going to bed. For making a mixture, you need to add ten capsules of Vitamin E to 1 ounce of glycerine. Massaging your face with a soft brush before the application of this mix is a worth it thing to be considered as the skin cells will utilize and absorb more of the nutrients from this mask. It is a perfect remedy for your skin cells as it will get a tremendous amount of nourishment, wrinkles will disappear and the complexion will become bright as well.

For your feet

As you take an evening shower before going to bed, all you need to do is apply an excess amount of butter with a mix of mint oil on your feet and then cover them up by putting a pair of socks made out of cotton or any sort of natural fiber. You can use the cotton socks in the summer season and woolen socks in the winter, and you are all set for a good night sleep. It is a good remedy to soften your feet skin. After a couple of weeks with such a tender care, your feet will eventually become beautiful and soft.

For your eyelashes

For taking care of your eyelashes, you need an empty mascara tube that is properly cleaned with the help of brush and water. Let it dry and then drop an amount of wheat germ oil into it. Apply this natural oil onto your eyelashes as you go to bed for a night nap. It is a natural homemade remedy and you will be surprised to see the benefits out of it as it will leave behind beautiful long eyelashes.

Do share your secret beauty tricks that you use to look gorgeous among other viewers in the comments section.

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