These juicy and sweet earthy root vegetable is a package of miraculous health benefits. You don’t know the power of beets. It is served with almost every salad bar buffet along with other nutrients and combos. They are not only carrying important nutrients such as Vitamin B, manganese, copper, iron and potassium.

Here are some amazing and surprising things that happen to our human body when we eat beets.

Our Blood pressure improves

Beets are a rich source when it comes to nitrates, that our body converts into nitric oxide – a chemical compound that dilates and relaxes blood vessels, turning them into a proper tunnel for your nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. A study conducted by a beet juice manufacturer found out that 13 men who drank only one glass of beet juice were able to see the symptom of low blood pressure by an average of 4 to 5 points low down.

Heart diseases risk might drop

Beets just doesn’t leave a positive impact on our blood pressure. Moreover, they are also rich in a plant alkaloid called as betaine, as well as the Vitamin B folate, that almost collectively delivers one-two low count down for lowering blood levels of homocysteine, that in high level tends to increase the risk of our artery damage and heart diseases as well.

Improvement in your stamina

For the athletes, beets are an instant energizer to them. In one certain study conducted, the cyclists who drank the beet juices were able to pedal harder almost 15 percent longer in a time trial, causing exhaustion to them ultimately. It takes almost three to five beets to get an energizing booster as peak nitrate levels tend to occur two to three hours after you drink or eat them. So, if you want to add some stamina to your daily routine life, eat beets or rather drink a beet juice on a regular basis.

Your brain will work in an efficient manner

Nitric oxide available in beets dilates and relax down your blood vessels, that in turn increases our blood flow towards the brain which could bring on an effective brain functioning. That is critically important as we age, as our capacity to generate nitric oxide almost diminish when we get older, along with our energy of the brain and its metabolism and neuron activity. So, it is best to boost your brain with beets. It improves the proper functioning of our brain such as improvement in focus, attention towards certain work and organization when we intake its juice for two days as per the study conducted to find out its impact on brain functioning.

Your liver will be lighter

Your liver tends to do the heavy work of cleaning the blood and detoxing your body as well. You can almost lighten its load with a daily usage of intaking beets in the form of salad or juice. Research showed that the betaine, an amino acid that is found in beets were able to reduce and prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver. Moreover, the research on diabetic patients shows that betaine improved their liver functioning, decreased their cholesterol and also reduced their liver size as well.

You may get better at fighting chronic diseases

Beets, rich in betalains, a type of potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that aids to help in the battle of chronic diseases such as heart disease, possibly cancer, obesity and many more. So, to add up beets in your daily meal plan is as essential to living a healthy life as it is proven to battle chronic diseases as well.

Hope you find this article informative and amazing. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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