For the Muslims all across the globe, this holy month of Ramadan is a true blessing and one of the most beneficial and rewarding time of the year. But, in Pakistan, Roza or fasting definitely becomes a challenge as we need to starve from sunrise to sunset in the draining hot weather and climatic conditions. Therefore, we need to select the perfect type of dishes at the time of Iftaar to gain back our lost energy and that truly ensures a good health for the rest of the month to keep fasting in a regular manner. Here is the list of some of the perfect and new Ramzan recipe ideas that you can cook at the time of Iftaar by SooperChef

Mutton Stew Recipe

All you need at the time of Iftaar dinner is to gain back your energy levels that are lost during the starvation for the entire hot day. This recipe is highly nutritious and tempting to be present on the Iftaar. It is going to make you love with its delectable taste and you are surely going to have more and more of this mouthwatering recipe. Mutton Stew recipe is prepared out of various ingredients such as mutton and veggies like potatoes, beans, tomatoes, pepper, carrots, etc. that are mixed with the lamb meat or mutton. Try this delicious recipe for your Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here

Keema Lobia Recipe

At the time of Iftaar, all you need is a diet that is rich in protein, fats, and carbs to curb your hunger cravings and fulfill your stomach and energize your body as well. The recipe of Keema Lobia is a perfect fit for the time of Iftaar. This delicious dish is a blend of minced meat that can be from the source of chicken, mutton or beef cooked with the nutritious lentils known as lobia. You can serve it with the naan, roti, salad, mint raita or you can have it with plain boiled rice. Get the complete recipe of Keema Lobia here

Noodles Soup Recipe

Soup is the ultimate delight that keeps your hunger cravings in check with its mouthwatering and promising rich taste. It makes your body hydrated as well. It serves perfect as the best form of a starter or an appetizer at the time of Iftaar. The dish is popular among kids and adults love its taste as well. Moreover, having noodles soup as a dish for the time of Iftar is going to fulfill your stomach and appetite. Therefore, you are less likely to eat more during this time of the Roza and it will be helpful to avoid a bloated stomach as well. Get the complete rich in nutrition recipe of Noodles Soup here

Italian Salad

There is a variety of salad recipes available at the largest Digital Food Network of Pakistan that is known by the name SooperChef. Salads are a refreshing form of food item that makes your hunger pangs away from your stomach and it fills your appetite quite well. One of the most popular types of salad across the globe is Italian salad. This salad is a perfect mix of high nutrients that are present in the ingredients of this delicious and mouthwatering recipe. You definitely need to try the Italian salad for your Iftaar. Get the complete recipe of Italian salad here

Smoothie 3 Ways Recipes

The most refreshing way to quench your thirst at the time of Iftaar is to try smoothies. Smoothies are a perfect blend of energy that vitalizes the human body after the entire hectic sunny day of Roza. Smoothies are made out of fresh seasonal fruits, blended with raw yogurt, milk, and honey. These three types of smoothies are the perfect rich in taste drinks that you really don’t want to miss for your Iftar. Watch the instant cooking video and make these delectable smoothies at home. Get the complete recipe here

Afghani Pulao

If you are in a search of rice recipe at the time of your Iftar, then you surely need to give a try to this perfect Afghani cuisine. Afghani pulao is so rich and has got the perfect nutritional value that your body needs after a complete day of fasting. Its mouthwatering taste and rich flavor is surely not going to disappoint you at all. Afghani pulao can be easily made within the comfort of your home by having the basic ingredients that you can easily buy from your nearby grocery store. Get the complete recipe of Afghani Pulao here

Dynamite Chicken Recipe

Foodies that love to try and eat new and vibrant recipes to delight their taste buds must be giving a try to this perfect dish at the time of Iftaar. The dish is rich in proteins, carbs, and fats that is all you need to fulfill your stomach with at the sunset as your Roza ends at that time of the day. The dish is rich in its nutritional value and flavor as well. Enjoy having it as a perfect form of an appetizer served for the Iftaar. Get the complete recipe of Dynamite Chicken here


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