These little and tiny mistakes that often go unnoticed must be avoided for a good cause to attain an ideal health and a happy lifestyle and we are quite sure that you will be amazed to see the after effects if you quit up these common habits or mistakes to be precise.

BetterRead is bringing up these daily lifestyle habits you must stop following. So, you must better keep these things in your mind before you do such actions!

Biting your nails to Handle Stress

Most of the time it happens that mental or emotional stress leads you to bite your nails with the help of teeth and you swallow them and so does it become a regular habit to bite your nails like this. On top of that, we don’t even think about while doing this stupid act. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t help with your appearance and damages your health. This little and dumb habit is not a thing to be proud of, but to quit it up is a thing that you can feel proud about. These are some of the Important Signals that Your Body Is Stressed Out that must not be taken for granted at all.

Cotton swabs for cleaning your ears

All of us use cotton swabs as a way to clean our ears and we have a firm belief that Q-tips is an aid to clean our ears from dirt and polluted particles present in our ears. But, what we believe that it cleans our ears and the exact opposite happens, excessive wax gets pushed further inside, that causes more panic and harm than getting better. As a result, cotton swabs play a major role in the damage of the eardrum, loss of hearing and many other complicated ear issues and infections. Medical experts recommend visiting a doctor if you really got an ear problem that creates an itch in your ears.

Not Cleaning your hands after Using Toilet

According to various researches performed, people tend to not wash their hands with a soap or washing gel after using a restroom. Most of the people take this thing for granted about not cleaning their hands as they consider it a waste of the time. But, on the other side, washing hands with the soap is the easiest and most effective way to prevent germs that will eventually make you feel sick with bacterial diseases.

Not changing the toothbrush for a long time

Wet toothbrushes may gather several types of bacteria within themselves in a monthly span of time, which can lead to harmful diseases for your teeth and gums. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush for about every two to three months because using the same old toothbrush for months may cause serious health issues, which eventually leads to various bacterial and harmful diseases.

The Way you brush your teeth

If you tend to brush only your teeth, you still will be left with some of the tartar on them and the problems may start to happen with your heart, increasing the flow of blood in your mouth. Dentists recommend to brush teeth for at least two minutes on a daily basis. Keep that in mind that you must not get lazy while brushing your teeth thoroughly.

Skipping to floss your teeth

It doesn’t even matter how proper you brush your teeth to wipe out the germs away but, without flossing your teeth, you can’t manage to keep your gums in a perfect condition. Flossing your teeth battles with the bacteria inside your mouth and also helps in the prevention of gingivitis.

Scaling of your face every day

Rubbing your skin too hard to get cleaner also causes wrinkles and acne that might give you an older look and appearance. Dermatologist recommends to only exfoliate your face two times in a week. Otherwise, it will create harm rather than having a perfect skin.

Not clearing things that you regularly use

How often do you notice to clean the objects you use to touch every single day? Objects such as keyboards, switches, remote controls, smartphones and much more thing are filled with bacteria and dust particles that easily gets attached to our hands and bodies.

Covering your pillow with a cotton pillowcase

This type of fabric gives you an older look while adding wrinkles to your face and to dry your skin and also damages your hairs. The ultimate perfect choice for the pillowcase material is silk. It will give you back the comfort what the cotton case took away from you.

Vacuuming too often

Vacuuming your home every single day can cause a harm to your health. And if you don’t clean your vacuum machine, your floor and carpet will get a damage by dirt and polluted dust particles. If you use your vacuum cleaner once in a week, it is advised to get your filter changed on a seasonal basis. Here are some Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Hope you find this article informative. We would appreciate your comments on this one.

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