We told you before how to maintain and clean your kitchen and we are pretty sure that you know how to sharpen your kitchen knives. It would be better to consider these tips before sharpening your knives so that they remain always sharp!Misuse of a knife is the number one method to dull down its edges in a real quick manner. Here are some of the ways you probably haven’t heard before you were abusing them in a bad style. We are going to let you know the best possible ways to keep your knives sharp enough to be used for the kitchen.

Don’t Use Your Chef’s Knife

It sounds like a total silly and weird advice for sure. As the Chef’s Knife is the most important kitchen knives and there are a lot of times you will be willing to use it for slicing meat, cutting veggies, etc. But, there are a couple of reasons why we advise you not to use your chef’s knife so that it won’t dull that quickly.

Don’t cut items on a glass or marble cutting board

These type of cutting boards are easy to clean but, unfortunately, they are going to dull your knife within a very short span of time. Wooden cutting boards are the best ones to cut down daily kitchen cooking items and the plastic boards come in the second place.

Never use it to slice bread

The saw-like edges are planned to get through the bread’s exterior outlook without further crushing of the tender bread present inside. The chef’s knife doesn’t only slip and slide, putting your fingers at risk of cutting, but that crunchy or hard crust will actually cause a real damage to the sharp edges of the bread.

Miss out slicing frozen things

All you need is a bit of a patience and let it melt down and get adjusted to the temperature. Otherwise, your super expensive and handy steel knife could be damaged right off as it hits the hard surface of the frozen block of food items.Last but not the least important thing is not to put your knife straightaway in the dishwasher or throwing it in the drawer when you are done with cutting items as it is going to dull your knife also.Hope, you find this article a worth it thing to read. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: What Happens When You Start Eating Oats Everyday


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