Majority of the people across the world are creatures of habit. Our lives spin around a daily routine and for most of us, it works well, unless you take a notice that your favorite jeans that you wore or a formal pant isn’t buttoning up.

BetterRead brings you the list of evening activities that might be the reason to blame upon to bring an extra weight to your body.

Dinner as the largest meal of the day

Most of us tend to eat the largest meal of our day at dinner time, and that is a leading sign of extra pounds on your body as intaking such calories that hasn’t got the opportunity to burn means a certain weight gain. Try making your largest meal of the day at the time of breakfast or lunch instead. You will probably feel more energetic and your body is going to efficiently use these calories throughout the day.

Skipping to brush your teeth after dinner

Do you munch around with snacks at night time while watching TV as you are bored and it seems to be your daily habit? Boredom eating can increase your calorie count for an entire meal. Brushing your teeth right away after having dinner is a perfect way to prevent post-dinner snacking. It would be really helpful to you as it can curb the weight gain.

You are lazy on the sofa

After your dinner is finished and the dishes are cleaned up, your favorite habit to sit or lay your back on the sofa with the TV in front of you happens. You need to rethink about this nighttime habit as a regular walk or exercise after the dinner will help you to increase the metabolism rate and helps for a proper digestion. It only takes ten minutes of your time to exercise or go for a walk after the dinner and you surely are going to see an active mood boost.

You don't eat dinner at the table

If you are constantly eating dinner in front of your TV screen with a focus on your favorite sports or a TV show, rather than your plate, it is going to make you gain more weight. If you are not having a direct connection with the food that is going into your mouth, your brain will eventually not be able to function the information in an efficient manner. It will lead to a troubled memory of having eaten and the chances of visiting the fridge later that night are going to happen, leading to a weight gain.

You don't get sufficient sleep

Are you not getting a proper sleep? Sleep deprivation has some serious consequences than a foggy head, leading towards serious health issues such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, cognitive dysfunction, and probably weight gain as well. People who are deprived of sleep during the night time are likely to intake a bulk of calories in their meals throughout the day. You need to take care of yourself by having a sufficient and proper sleep routine.

Checking your emails late at night

The regular habit of checking your official emails in the late-night hours and accomplishing your tasks at a looming deadline during the p.m. hours may lead to pack on extra pounds. It is due to the stress that drives you to munch on your favorite snacks, moreover, it is also because your stress hormones are a cause of your body to hold onto excessive weight. Our human bodies have developed the ability to store fat for the long haul, especially during times of chronic stress, we are likely to develop an extra layer of fats in our body. It is better to maintain your official work during the office hours and stick towards a peaceful dinner with a healthy sleeping routine.

Your hands have nothing to do

If you have taken an after-dinner stroll, but still you have developed a habit to watch the TV or browse the internet on a smartphone, be aware of the fact that your brain is being distracted and your hands are bored, developing an urge for food. Keep your hands occupied with a bottle of water instead or try to play a game with the help of your hands.

Hope so, you find this article informative enough to read. We would love to hear your views on this one.

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