We are pretty sure that you have been carrying various unwanted items in your handbag, and now it is the time to clean out your purses as these things don’t belong to fit in here.

BetterRead came up with a list of items that must not be present in your handbags and there is an obvious reason to put them away.

Here is why:

Password Diary

If you got the trouble of memorizing your passwords, you might stick towards writing them in a small handy diary and carrying them in your bag. You feel that these important passcodes are safe in your diary, but, what if you lose your purse or wallet while shopping or a theft happens with you? Important passwords are gone in a blink. It is better to remember all your login and password info, but if you have trouble memorizing them, the best thing would be to store them in a fingerprint protected smartphone app.

Debit card

Debit cards put you at the high-risk level in comparison to your credit cards while making purchases. You can stop the transactions of credit cards if stolen and the money is safe in your account, but, for the debit card, it isn’t the process to be adopted. You have to prove your transactions if it is stolen. You need to keep your debit card safe and the use of credit card is recommended while going out for a shopping.


A laptop is definitely one of the heaviest things to be present in your bag. The weight of that laptop can exhaust your body and strain your shoulder, leading to an imbalanced posture, or even paining your neck, spine, and adding shoulder injuries to your body. You need to use a backpack or a messenger bag while carrying a laptop as it is helpful to distribute the weight to be put on your body.

Unprotected phone

Leaving your smartphones unprotected in your bag makes it an easy access for strangers sitting by your side on a public spot to steal it from your purse. As the phone is stolen, all of the information that is really personal is gone with the phone, leaving you stressed out. You need to put it in a safe pocket inside your handbags rather than putting it in an outside pocket of the bag. Also, use a fingerprint or a longer passcode for your smartphone so that no one can easily log in to your phone.


If your checkbook is stolen from your bag, refunding your money back from the fraudulent check could take a hell lot of time, depending on your bank’s terms & conditions. Most of the time, money doesn’t come easily back to your account. So, you need to quit putting checkbook in your handbag and if you can’t bear with that, just add a couple of checks in your bag, rather than the whole book.

Full-size beauty products

Don’t put a weight on your back by adding extra big bottles of hairsprays and other beauty products. As this repetitive strain that adds weight could pull your shoulder out, creating a real panic. Moreover, beauty kits must be placed safely inside your handbags as if it gets broken, it can create a real mess within your purse. You need to lighten a load of your handbag, making it easy to carry.


As passports are not easy to be forged, a real one only gets accepted easily than the other stolen documents. You need to carry it only if it is your personal identity proof to travel across the country. It would be better to have a ID card that is handy and a copy of it can also be used for your identification. If the passport gets stolen, you already know the time and procedure it takes to get a new one for yourself.

Hope, you are going to consider these items to be removed next time you carry your handbag.

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