Do you feel trouble while sleeping at night time? You surely need to have a look at some of the best organic and hundred percent natural aids that are going to provide you an instant relief from sleeplessness and insomnia without using any sort of medication.

BetterRead has gathered some of the most useful aids for a good night sleep.

Here are some of the best and effective remedies to get a sound sleep during the night.

Warm milk and honey

Forget about taking any sort of medics, you need to close your day with a warm mug of milk and honey as it is a perfect remedy for a nighttime sleep. Milk consists of the best sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan, that causes an increase in the amount of serotonin, a type of hormone that works totally as a natural sedative, present in the brain. Honey provides an aid to transmit that particular hormone to your brain in a fast manner.

Sleep-friendly environment

For people suffering from insomnia, a relaxing and calm environment is going to help you with a troubled sleeping routine, leading to a better sleep. You need to remove digital clocks and other electronic gadgets from your room that makes a bright glow, such as smartphones and laptops. Make it sure that your room is having a complete sleep-friendly environment. Even, shut down all the electronic devices and turn off the lights of your room as you go to sleep to have a comfort zone developed in your room. Here are Ten Hacks to Tackle Insomnia and Have a Better Sleep.

Tackle stress with exercise

If stress or anxiety is leading you to wake up at night, you need to meditate, jog, walk or run, hit the gym in the evening so that you can feel tired before going to bed. These sort of workout routines are powerful sleep-inducing stress relievers and helps you to get really tired and fall asleep during the nighttime. Here are some important symptoms that your body is stressed out and it must not be ignored.

Adopt a bedtime Prayer

If you always suffer from a poor night sleep, it might be because you are not following a proper bedtime prayer. It is one of the easiest sleeping aids. Make it a priority to offer prayer as you go to bed and wake up before sunrise every single day. Our religion, Islam, compels us to offer the regular prayer five times in a day. You can also introduce the habit of reading books during the nighttime as it will also be helpful to make you sleep.

Brew herbal tea

You almost know the majority of the common drinks that help you to get sleep, but you need to try valerian tea for the insomnia cure. This type of herb is easily available in a nearby health food store or a herbal store. When it is brewed and made to serve, it is going to produce a satisfying rest during nighttime sleep when you intake it.

Take a hot bath

Yes, you read that right. Taking a hot bath before going to bed is going to leave a relax and soothing effect on your body, therefore, when it comes to natural sleep, a hot bath is a true miracle that happens for a perfect sound sleep during nighttime.

Check your medications

Many medications as per prescribed by your physician can interrupt with your sleep and leaves you with insomnia, that includes thyroid medication, beta-blockers, medics that contain caffeine and other antidepressants. So, if you are having trouble falling asleep, you need to consult your physician about changing medicines or dosage of the prescribed drugs.

Hope, you find this article informative. We would appreciate your views on this one.

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