Flawless skin is a dream of many, but with rising temperatures, climatic changes, and pollution, taking care of your skin is harder than ever! There are thousands of products that promise great results for your skin but most of them are filled with harmful chemicals. Although, Mother Nature has some products of her as well, which sooperchef has compiled for you, to keep your skin fresher, softer and younger.


Potatoes are great for you if you want a youthful skin. It has great anti-wrinkle effects along with some pretty good skin lightening and skin tone evening tendencies. Raw potato pulp or juice can be used on the face for 15 minutes every day for great results. It is also great for skin elasticity and clear facial contours when added with some lemon juice.


Lemon is a wonderful product to get rid of age spots and acne and has great skin whitening tendencies too. Lemon juice when used as a toning lotion on the face every day, will smooth the skin tone and give you a brighter, more even complexion.


A natural face mask made out of tomato slices can do wonders for you if you are dealing with dull, tired and stressed skin. Apply tomato slices on your face for twenty minutes every once a week to get your moisturized, soft and young skin back. Rubbing tomato juice on your face will help reduce skin inflammation and rashes. A great way to make a face mask from tomatoes is by mixing tomato pulp with olive oil.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years in herbal skin treatments as it does amazing things to your skin when used on a daily basis. It helps fade acne scars, dark spots and is great for minor burns. Aloe masks are also great for a radiant and glowing skin.


Cucumber is a wonderful way to effectively tackle acne and also to support the vitality and youthfulness of your skin. Round cut slices can be used on the face for at least 15 minutes and this process can be repeated for several times a week for great results.


Honey is known as one of the best natural products that you can give to your skin. Packed with minerals and other microelements, honey is one of the best-known skin moisturizers, and it also rejuvenates and accelerates the process of skin cell generation. On regular usage, honey is known to remove even the deepest of wrinkles and work as a great anti-aging agent for the skin. For best results, apply honey to the face and neck area and leave it on for twenty minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Mix equal proportions of honey and cinnamon to make a great anti-aging mask for your face.

Coconut Oil

Unrefined cooking oil is a great skin moisturizer, and also great for skin tightening and nourishment. Coconut oil is great for removal of exfoliated skin and gives it a silky smooth, velvety feeling. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on your face and leave it on for five minutes before wiping it off with a tissue paper. The best thing about this natural remedy is that it shows almost immediate results and gives the skin a fresh and youthful look.


Sugar is a natural skin product that is always at hand. It is a great scrubbing remedy which gently cleanses and nourishes your skin, effectively removes dead cells and makes it look softer, smoother and shinier. Scrub your wet face gently with some sugar once a week and enjoy baby soft skin!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is possibly the best natural remedy for a number of skin issues and ailments. Even a single drop of olive oil can be used with a variety of natural homemade beauty products to make your skin feel healthier and younger. Olive oil has anti-wrinkle effects on the skin and acts as a great moisturizer, providing the skin with a soft and velvety touch. One of the best characteristics of olive oil is that it never causes any allergies. You can replace your morning and evening toning lotion with some olive oil drops and a thin layer of olive oil can be applied under the eyes get rid of puffiness and eye wrinkles. If you don’t want to replace your favorite beauty products, simply add some drops of this magical oil in your face mask or cream to use for a daily purpose.

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