The Holy month of Ramadan is known as the month when Muslims across the globe normally practice patience and generosity. And, for obvious reasons, it is being portrayed on the table during Sehri and Iftar. For the preparation of this pious month, you may use a complete guideline to shop and store all of your required food items, for a kickstart on planning your daily Roza meals. By adopting this method, you won’t feel worried about the left out or missed ingredients during cooking Pakistani, Chinese, Continental and Other Recipes, that is offered in a wide range by SooperChef to be served to your family and guests invited specially for the Iftaar gatherings. Food items can be split into different categories that can easily be preserved and stored by adopting different ways within the kitchen, allowing you to shop for food items from a nearby utility or grocery store before the month of Ramadan.

Two weeks prior to Ramadan

These are the list of food items that you need to buy two weeks prior to Ramadan with the healthy Ramadan tip and how to store them as well.


Brown and basmati rice are the perfect ingredients that you can store and make various rice recipes in Ramadan. Both of them are easily digestible and also controls your blood sugar level. You need to keep them in a dry sealed container or a jar to avoid the moisture or mixing with anything due to any sort of mishappening.


It comes in a handy bag as you need to make Roti’s to be served with various delectable vegetable and Meat dishes during the time of Sehri and Iftaar. It also increases the fiber intake that is required for a healthy digestive system. You need to store it in a plastic container with a tight fitting within a dark and cool environment.Read More: When Is Ramadan 2018 and Everything You Need To Know About It


Legumes are considered as a perfect source of protein and fiber that contributes to our overall health. They play a major role in reducing cholesterol levels of the blood. It includes beans, lentils, chickpeas and fava beans. You need to keep them in sealed jars and they can be easily preserved for a time span of two to three months.


Healthy cooking oil is a perfect ingredient for cooking any type of delectable dish. You need to use canola oil for cooking, rich in heart-friendly fats. Put the oil in an opaque plastic or steel jar, sealed properly.


Sugar is utilized for cooking various sweet recipes during the month of Ramadan. You need to keep it in a dry place within a plastic jar covered tightly.

Dried fruits

Dates eaten at the time of Iftaar is a Sunnah to be followed to break your fast. You need to put the dried fruits, especially dates in a cool and dry place within a closed container.

One week before Ramadan

The secondary list of food items to think about and organize to be present in your fridge as these types of foods can easily last for almost a couple of months if they are properly stored.

Frozen veggies

They are considered to be the second-best alternative to fresh veggies. Moreover, you can make various delectable vegetable recipes out of them. You can add them to your daily soups to add a healthy and nutritional value to your dietary meals. You need to put them in a re-sealable plastic bags so that minerals and vitamins can easily get preserved.Read: Top 5 Juicy Drinks for Summer to Satisfy your Thirst

Mutton, Beef, Chicken, and Fish

You need to freeze them on the upper portion of your deep freezer. This is the best option to store meat and cook delectable meat recipes. You need to put a date on the packages so that you can get to know the exact dates you stored. Draw out the excess air from the plastic bags for the best preservation of meaty items.


You need to seal the jar of nuts to avoid them becoming rancid or unappealing in taste. Store them in the fridge for a better taste as they are used in various Sweet recipes.


It is a perfect source of carbs to boost your energy and potassium, which is critical for your heart health. You need to put them in a netting bag in an open drawer of your kitchen. But, avoid to put them in a humid temperature or don’t expose them to hot temperatures as well for a better preservation.

Two days before the start of Ramadan

As the Ramadan is about to knock your doors, you just need to think about perishable food items.

Dairy Items

You need to make sure that these items must be available during the complete month as it is a rich source of calcium and protein, important for your daily intake. You need to buy these items after every two days of usage.

Fruits and Vegetables

Veggies and fruits are a perfect source of minerals and vitamins that are essential for overall health and for boosting your energy levels for the Rozas. Place them in the fridge but you need to allow proper circulation of air to maintain their freshness and taste.


It is a perfect source of carbs that boost our body with sufficient energy levels, required after a long day of fasting. Opt. for baked bread and fresh rotis to be served during Sehri and Iftaar. You can store them in the fridge.


A perfect source of vitamins, proteins and other important minerals to be eaten during the time of Sehri. You need to store them in cartons provided within the fridge shelves. You can make various delicious omelet recipes by watching 1-minute instant video, offered by SooperChef.You need to be sure about the fact that proper eating during Ramadan with a proper planning of the menu and sensible grocery and utility shopping is going to make the holy month of Ramadan more healthier and cherished one.


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