Keep your heads high and walk tall as joining these simple steps into your routine mornings might make it look easier to lose some excess weight from your body.

BetterRead has gathered some of the important morning habits of naturally slim people that you need to adapt to be thin like them.

Here are the tips:

Open up the Curtains

An adequate sunshine in the mornings isn’t just about to wake you up. People that are exposed to the morning sunshine tend to have lower BMIs (Body Mass Index) as compared to those who get the exposure of light later in the day. Independent of sleep timing, physical activity, age, season or the morning light exposure accounts for at least twenty percent of an individual’s Body Mass Index. And, lack of sunlight in the morning can deter your internal body activities, changing your metabolism rate and thus, leading to a significant weight gain. Almost sitting for 20 to 30 minutes in front of morning sunshine is particularly sufficient to make an impact on BMI.

Buttering the bottom of toast

It sounds weird, isn’t it! But, on the other hand, if you are seeking towards a less calorie intake, you need to be certain to seek the bottom side of your breakfast as butter applied at the bottom of the toast helps to the weight loss. When you eat your breakfast in this way, the flavor is surely going to hit your taste buds right away and you will feel it tastier. Ultimately, leading you to eat less with not causing a bloated stomach right in the morning.

Picking the Appropriate glassware

When you intake your orange or apple juice in the morning, it is recommended to use a thin, tall glass that is going to save the excessive sugar intake and extra calories. When you drink in short or a squat glass, chances are that you will feel an urge of refilling it for twice or thrice in one time. Tall glasses tend to hold more liquid or juice as compared to the ones with more width.

Including protein in breakfast

Most of the world population only get less than 10 grams of protein for their breakfast, but making it twice is surely going to be an aid for weight loss. If you eat about 20 grams of proteins coming from the sources such as eggs and sausages in comparison with carbs and junk food, you are going to feel much satisfied with a full stomach throughout the day as protein tends to activate the body in a proper manner and curbs up your appetite as well, therefore, reducing your cravings for food throughout the day and preventing you from overeating as well.

Taking the time out for meditation

All you need to do is focus on your breaths for a couple of minutes in the morning. This will be an aid to increase your mindfulness, leading towards to opt for smart food choices throughout the day. People who tend to show less level of mindfulness and face anxiety issues are likely to be obese and also gain extra weight, as it causes them to eat way too much. All you need to do is meditate for a couple of minutes throughout your day for two to three times.

They get Involved in Physical Activities

Even it is just a few steps on your way to commute, you must aim to get involved in some of the physical routines before you do a breakfast. Because, if you eat the breakfast and then get involved in some physical activity, chances are that you will get an extra weight on your body, but, if you choose to work out before eating the breakfast, you are less likely to gain extra weight and will stay more active throughout the day as a work out before eating motivates our human body to burn excessive fat for energy rather than relying on carbs from the food.

Hope you are going to make this as your routine habits to gain a slim and healthy physique.

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