Old habits die hard, especially that are being attached to you for a long time, that is why we do them without even thinking about how much harm it can cause to us, especially in the morning time. We often lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to spare.

BetterRead wants to let you know about such bad habits that many of us do every single morning, actually being harmful to us. Let us have a look at all of them:

Not starting the day with a shower

A morning shower for a day is going to make it easy for us to look forward to the solution as it is helpful for the brain to be more active and less likely to get distracted by many other factors. A regular shower in the morning allows the human brain to generate unusual and new ideas for life. You must never miss a chance to take a shower as you wake up.

Hot showers

No doubt, hot water while taking a shower has a smooth and relaxing effect, but, taking a hot shower in the morning time is going to make you fall sleepy. Taking cold showers in the morning has got various advantages. It makes you feel revived and stimulates your brain activity and going to make your immune system to work in an efficient manner. Cold water also doesn’t make your skin dry and people who tend to take cold showers are going to lose about 9 pounds of weight in a year.

Checking your phone for a long time

Social media is the leading cause why most of us stick to our smartphone, considering it to do as a first thing in the morning. The way we spend our morning depicts our behavior throughout the day. You need to quit wasting time on checking others’ lives on social media and start spending time on your own self. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and if you can make it for your own self, it would be great.

Wasting time on your outfit

Have you ever spent hours in the morning with a question in your mind, “What should I wear for today?” There is already enough disorder of life to stick with throughout the day. Quit making the situation gets worse by searching for your favorite clothes. Make your selection simple by reducing the variety of clothes. Rich and inspirational people such as Steve Jobs, founder of Apple used to wear only blue jeans with a black shirt as a combo, as he was saving time for his own personal affairs to get more successful in life.

Eat cereal

A regular amount of cereal for the breakfast is composed of 50 grams, consisting about four tablespoons of sugar. An excessive quantity of sugar intake in the morning is going to cause an infusion of insulin into your blood, and when the effect wears off, you get lethargic and feel dizzy. Also, you must quit eating any sort of junk food in the morning as well. You can opt for scrambled eggs, meat with less fat, milk, yogurt, cheese, and bread.

Brush your teeth after food

After eating food, the enamel on your teeth usually becomes vulnerable, especially when you intake citrus fruits or drink soda in the morning. What you should do to clean your mouth and teeth is brush it and wash your mouth with water. It will be helpful to remove the food leftovers. You must be brushing your teeth within half an hour of your breakfast.

Drink black coffee

Drinking black coffee right after you wake up makes your cortisol levels to reach a new high, leading towards anxiety and depression throughout the day. And, if you drink coffee as you feel hunger cravings, you will easily get gastritis. Many researches proved the fact that the best time for drinking a cup of coffee is almost three or four hours after waking up.

Make the bed right away

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you need to do is making your bed right away. Scientists advise moving your blanket from the mattress as you wake up to let the sheets dry from the moisture of your body that is left behind.

We do know that it is literally somewhat difficult to quit all of the bad habits at once. Start giving up on them one at a time. Start with making a quit to check your cell phones in the morning and you will see a positive improvement in your life.


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