In the kitchen, we seem expert in the maintenance of crockery, grocery, placing food items in the particular drawers, cupboards etc. It has become our regular practice to maintain our kitchen in our own way. But such daily to-do things in the kitchen stop us to realize and re-think from discovering our talents.SooperChef brings you some of the easiest and new kitchen tricks that will make your cooking more easy and pleasant in a unique way. We do seem to maintain our kitchen right because we’re used to doing them on a daily basis in the same routine. But such typical behavior in the kitchen prevents us from discovering our culinary talents or even puts off the desire to cook altogether.

10. Know Which Vegetables Should not be Stored in the Refrigerator.

Most of us still keep storing all the fruits and vegetables in the fridge to keep them fresh for a long time and that is supposed to be for a good reason. However, the mistakes that we make are that the tomatoes, potatoes, bananas and apples are best to be stored without using the fridge. Keep them in the bowl over the kitchen counter. Potatoes usually become sweet at low temperature, while the rest of the food items leads to faster ripening and rotting due to placement in the fridge for the longer time.

9. Defrost Meat (Chicken, Mutton, Beef) in the Fridge.

Meat, whatever form it is; either chicken, mutton or beef must be defrosted in advance. Place the meat in the desired plastic or glass bowl and leave it in the fridge until it is defrosted. Defrost means make or become free of frost or ice. Do not, I repeat, do not leave the meat wet or soaked in the water. More specifically run in under Luke warm or hot water as this makes the taste and appearance of meat look unpleasant.

8. Never Use the Blender Machine to Mash Potatoes.

Blending machine makes the mash potatoes stickier and it more it contains viscosity rather than making it light and airy. Better use a simple mashing technique that will keep the potatoes look more appealing that will make it look more delicious and mouthwatering to eat.

7. Don’t Place the Milk Bottles at the Opening of Door Fridge.

The opening of the fridge door seems to be a perfect fit to place the dairy products such as milk bottles; but the reality is that this part of the fridge contains high temperature. Apart from that, when the door is opened the door leads to temperature changes, damaging the shelf life of the dairy products such as milk.

6. Stirring Pasta While You Boil It.

Everyone knows that any type of pasta must be cooked and added into the boiling water. But in fact, no one knows the secret that you should stir it in the first two to three minutes for the pasta to make it tastier and on top of that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

5. Store Your Daily Bread in the Fridge.

Your daily bread must be stored in a cool and dry place and what better option does it makes to be it in the fridge. Just make sure that the bread is well packed so that it doesn’t dissolve odors and smell of the other items placed in the fridge.

4. Cook Fried Eggs in the Microwave.

Frying eggs in a pan is an easy method. Anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an expert for it. But it can be even more simple by cooking them in the microwave. Just make a small cut with a fork or knife while placing it on a plate and let it cook in the microwave for almost 45 seconds. Your perfect fried egg is ready for the breakfast.

3. Use Different Cutting Boards.

One must have at least two to three different types of cutting boards in your kitchen: One for cutting meat, one for slicing vegetables, one for making dough for the bread. It’s a face that prevent contamination of raw meat as it contains dangerous bacteria that can only be killed during cooking. To avoid mixing the cutting boards, buy different colorful boards with different sizes.

2. Get Different Knives for Several Purposes.

Several knives are a must thing to be used in the kitchen. The perfect number of the knives to be used are four: Universal one, chef’s knife, knife to cut vegetables and to cut one for bread.

1. Leave Some Free Space in Jars.

Preserving jam or pickle or ketchup is a very hectic task that can end up in a disaster if not used with proper care. However, most of us forget to leave free space while filling up the jar. Use some free space between the upper part of the food and the edge of the jar that is being used. It lets you preserve and take your filling out easily. The jar, as well as your favorite item is inside, will stay intact while you leave some free space.

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Let us know in the comments below if you find it interesting and you can share your own hacks to let us and other know your secrets! ?

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