To make your kitchen a healthy haven, you should not feel like it is a constant struggle to do. Believe me! It’s easy. Either you are slicing, chopping, tossing out the leftover your produce while you cook your delicious Pakistani recipes, or take yourself out of enjoying your favorite healthy meal, you may have a check on all the time saving, food optimizing tips and tricks SooperChef swear by.

DIY Smoothie Packs

If you are not yet ready, making a smoothie can take up to 15 minutes of production. These DIY smoothie packs are the perfect thing to this difficulty. Prep all the veggies and fruits you are using in your smoothies, and freeze them on an individual basis with serving sizes in quarter size freezing bags (glass mason jars work perfect for this solution too). Note that any additional ingredient that is required to be added up in the blender, and your smoothies are perfectly good as you done making them.

Divide Your Salad

Buying the veggies in bulk amount usually saves you money, but how irritating is it when an unpleasant aroma and withered green veggies meet you from your crisper drawer? You must opt this trick. Divide your big container of greens into 2-4 smaller plastic bags. Place your fist on the opening side, and blow it with your hand and into the bag to fill them with the air. Then seal the bag by twisting them with quite a few times before closing it tightly with a twist tie or a rubber band. Place it in the fridge and your greens would be fresh, savage and good to go.

Use Natural Yogurt Instead of Store-bought Sausages

You must quit and forget using the sauces that you buy from the supermarkets as they contain heavy amount of preservatives, additives and other ingredients in it. You can easily prepare your all Pakistani recipes with the home-made sauce from yogurt or you can even directly use yogurt while making tons of delectable desi dishes such as Lahori Karahi.

Bring in the Veggies and Skip the Pasta

Swapping out the noodles or pasta for veggies is all the vitality for good cause. It is an easy technique to cut out the carbs and bring more nutritious diet to your plate. You must check out that these veggie noodle recipes to see how to prepare the best usage of your spaghetti squash, zucchini or anything else than that.

Eat more Nuts

Do not hesitate about adding ground nuts to your diets and you can also add them to various sweet dishes like preparing Mutanjan. It is a perfect combination to add nuts to your vegetable and meat dishes as well such as Chicken Cashew Nuts with Fried Rice. Nuts are the direct source of omega-3 fatty acids that is exactly what we need during this winter.

Packing Salads for a Full Week

You don’t have time to slice up the salads for every single night? There is a solution to make all the salads you need for your workweek at one single time. Whether you opt for plastic container or mason jars, here are the direction you need to know. Once you cut down all the salad ingredients, just put them in your favorite mason jar with enough room or select a big plastic container and you won’t be dealing with making a daily salad again and again.

Bring Some Beans to Your Dessert

Opting out for beans’ fiber, iron content and protein, everyone of us must include more legumes in our diets. If you are having trouble while stomaching a bowl of beans, you can still reap out the healthy benefits without your taste buds to even realize it. There are tons of bean-loaded dessert recipes that tempt your sweet tooth and when it comes to making desserts, SooperChef is the right place to learn your favorite dessert recipes while watching 1-minute instant cooking video.

Use a Spray Bottle for Oiling

It is a perfect type of thing to put the exact amount of oil that you need in a frying pan while using a cooking spray. You can comfortably buy them from your nearby supermarkets. If you do not have such utensil in your kitchen, try using a wide pastry brush.

Use Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour is pure and much better for your health than simple wheat flour. You can cook ample of recipes while including this ingredient. It is worth trying and we do make our daily bread named as roti or chapatti etc.

Eat Less Sugar

Sugar is one of the most harmful enemy of your beauty and health. Try reading this article and you won’t even think about to eat excessive sugar recipes. You can use a pinch of dried fruits and stevia when baking.


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