It seems like each day we hear a negative news about health-related issues that we face nowadays due to poor and unhygienic conditions surrounding our environment, destroying our health or somewhat to the extent of killing us.Today, BetterRead will make you realize the facts of various things we thought are deadly to us, but in reality, they are totally harmless to our human body.Let us have a look at all of them:

Plastic water bottles

Earlier in the 2000’s, you might have heard a lot that plastic items contain diethylhexyl adipate also known as (DEHA), a supposed thing that is capable of carcinogen. But, the fact is that DEHA is not available in the plastic water bottles and even if it is present in the manufacturing of water bottles, they are not reasonably the cause of cancer. DEHA isn’t a cause of cancer as per the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Microwaving plastics

There is a mistaken perception that microwaving foods in plastic containers will emit cancer-causing chemicals to the food. But, the fact is totally opposite as the plastic food containers are totally microwave friendly items to be used. It surely means that the plastic is free of DEHA and other types of dioxins.


An excessive amount of sugar intake surely damages our human health, but sugar doesn’t cause cancer. Apart from the fact, that cancer cells consume more blood sugar or glucose than normal cells. You really need a certain amount of sugar to be added to your diet as it is important for your immune system.

Artificial sweeteners

The International Cancer Institute reports nullifying the link of cancer with artificial sweeteners. But, you can get a lot of benefit to your health by cutting back on sweet stuff as a regular intake. As it is a cancer-free item to be consumed, but it has a tendency to mess with your metabolism and raising your blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other heart-related issues as well.


Parents around the globe were panicked when the news appeared about Nutella causing cancer as Nutella contains palm oil and when heated around 400 degreed Fahrenheit, can be cancerous to health and the manufacturers of Nutella turned their product not to be heated up till that extent. So, Nutella is safe for your health.

The wax on apples

Most of the times, you will find that the apples are coated with an amount of wax. It is to retain their shelf life and to make the fruit look more appealing. The claim about the wax being carcinogenic is certainly true. But, you can take away the wax by rinsing the fruits thoroughly with water or use a soft brush while washing them before you intake them. Above all, you need to select the organic apples that are good for your health.

Hair dye

Some researchers indicate that frequent usage of dyes to hair can increase the risk of cancer, particularly, bladder cancer. But, there is no scientific evidence to prove that coloring your hair on a regular basis can increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, you need not to worry about hair dying in future as there is nothing related to a cause of cancer.


Usually, the idea sums up that shampoo is a cause of cancer as it consists of the foaming agent known as sodium laureth or sodium lauryl sulfate, known as (SLS). It is found in soaps, hair conditioners, and various other cleaning products. SLS might cause a damage to your hair but definitely not be going to damage your genes as it surely doesn’t contain the carcinogen. Therefore, shampoo is a safe product to be used.


There is no truth to the myth that antiperspirant can cause cancer. The latest studies have concluded with no such evidence interlinked with the chemicals present in deodorants and antiperspirants that might cause a change in the breast tissue, causing cancer.

Your cell phones

Common people have been suspecting about these handy devices used by them, but there is no need to be conscious of it. Cancer begins to grow via genetic mutations, and smartphones emit a low type of frequency which isn’t capable of harming your DNA inside the cells. There are no reputable or certain findings up till now that cell phones are linked to causing cancer to the human body.Hope, you find this article a worth it read. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: These Instant Hacks Will Make your Brain Awake When You Need it the Most


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