Having an attempt to get enough iron in your meat-free diet, if you are a vegetarian. Try these clever techniques recommended by SooperChef to make your body has plenty of the vital mineral! If you are planning to cut back red meat, you might be wondering if you will get deprived of iron from your bodies. For sure, plant-based foods also contain ample of this mineral, but it is not as already absorbed. Only 2 percent to 20 percent of the iron in plants called as non-heme makes it to your digestive system and finally into your blood in comparison with 15 to 35 percent of the iron in animal food also known as heme. But fortunate enough, there is a simple solution to it. Just add some vitamin C to your meal. It will boost the amount of non-heme iron from your body and absorb by as much as six-fold. Below are six rich-iron plant foods, each of them paired with a fruit or a vegetable that is loaded with Vitamin C. But there is no need to stick with such specific pairs. Feel yourself free to mix and match them.

These combos are going to help your body get all the iron it specifically needs to get yourself fulfilled.

Broccoli (iron) + tomatoes (C)

Broccoli consists of iron the and tomatoes are rich source of Vitamin C. You can make ample of Pakistani recipes by adding this combo on your own. Follow the instant 1-minute cooking video and learn how to make delectable dishes.

Black beans (iron) + cabbage (C)

This one of the perfect combination to combine these two to make black bean tacos, topped with a slight portion of vinegar based slaw. Or, black bean stuffed cabbage rolls are another best option for your diet.

Kale (iron) + oranges (C)

You can whip both of them to make smoothie, or add orange wedges to your delish kale salad, or simply stir fry them, or enjoy an orange with some crumbly kale chips for a nourishing snack.

Dark chocolate (iron) with strawberries (C)

Dark chocolate is a perfect source of iron. Melt it and drizzle it over raw strawberries. Or you can also add the chopped dark chocolate and sliced strawberries for your morning oatmeal. You can also make a healthy dessert out of it, try frozen to pop of dark chocolate and strawberries and pour almond milk, with minced strawberries and chopped dark chocolate.

Spinach (iron) + red bell peppers (C)

There are ample of ways to pair these two. Raw minced peppers in a spinach salad work out the best, as does spinach, cook into a stuffed bell pepper. You can try ample of Cooking Recipes at SooperChef that contains veggies, filled with iron.

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