Still feeling sleepy or dizzy with a cup of coffee? Are you tired of battling fatigue with energy drinks? Trying to stay active and awake can turn to a vicious cycle – but you can unleash it by the usage of unique ways to be adopted by making your brain sharper and alert.We at BetterRead decided to share some handy tips that can be an aid to keep your energy levels soaring and they don’t require the use of medication or unlimited coffee or tea intake for waking up.Let us get the facts about the best tips and tricks to stay active, alert & awake as per your need of the time:

Bite a lemon

Apart of the fact that you really like it or not, the sour and bitter taste is going to be an ice-breaker while putting a slap on your face kind of effect that you definitely need to stay awake, desperately a requirement in most of the cases of narcolepsy.

Wash your face with Coldwater

As you start sleepy with your eyelids beginning to grow heavy, take a couple of handfuls of chilly cold water, and splash it all over your face immediately. This is an instant hack to wake yourself up and also helps to energize yourself in an instant manner. Another great method to stay awake and active is to keep ice cubes in your freezer within a plastic bag. As you feel a bit sluggish, you need to put it on the back of your neck.

Pour cold water on your wrists

This instant tactic has a likewise effect as the one with the face splashing of cold water. You can use this technique if you have put up a makeover on your face and you really don’t want to ruin all of your effort to look elegant.

Try an ear massage

It is one of the ancient technique that was firstly used by the Buddhist monk to avoid sleepiness while meditation. You need to pinch your earlobes in a hard manner. Pressing active points on the earlobe is an effective method to wake you up.

Yawn by force

Yawning is a natural remedy to cool down your nerves and brain. When you feel tired and bored, the brain temperature rises, while yawning is one of the best way to counteract these effects. You might want to do it on natural grounds for a couple of times, but you need to make seven to ten repetitions for getting your sleep away. It will leave your brain puzzled and you are going to feel awake.

Chew something

You need to keep your mouth busy by chewing something with a taste of mint. The stronger flavor, the better it would be for you to wake up. If you are on the verge of feeling dizzy and sleepy, try chewing a menthol gum.

Tense your muscles

Trying to tense the overall muscles of your body as hard as you can for at least 30 seconds or doing push-ups with a count of twenty is going to wipe away your sleep. Make this type of workout as hard as you can. Don’t use this technique in a sophisticated manner as it won’t help you out to stay awake and active.We hope above of these hacks are going to provide you the boost to your energy levels and feel and look that is a lot fresher in a very short period of time. We would appreciate your views on this one.Also Read: These Diet Mistakes Trigger Severe Headaches & Migraines

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