We all know that we pay hefty bills while doing Iftaar in restaurants with a sky-high surge pricing that surely disturb our budget for the rest of the month. And the food items we eat are all the same street snacks such as samosas, pakoras, jalebis and other desserts that we can easily make within the comfort of our homes. So, we have decided to make you indulge with these quick and instant recipes that are brought to you by SooperChef to make your Iftaar unique, delicious and easy to cook food recipes than you would think. Also, you need to be careful at the time of Iftaar while eating something that makes you feel heavy with your stomach. So here are some of the topmost instant cooking recipes that will make your Iftaar meal a perfect time to cherish with your loved ones. 

Cheese Pakora Recipe

This delicious and creamy type of Pakora recipe is quite different and has a slight twist of cheese inside it to add a mouthwatering taste to munch on. It is similar to the basic pakora recipe but has a complete layering of melted cheese over it and then it is deep fried till its get dark brown in shade. Make these perfect rich in taste cheese pakoras that is so quick to make and serve within the comfort of your home. Get the complete recipe here

Falsa Juice Recipe

The scorching hot weather in the summer season mostly occupies the entire country of Pakistan and to have a Roza in such a condition is one hectic thing to stick on. But, this instant recipe of falsa juice is surely going to revitalize your energy levels and will provide you with a quick recovery to your drain energy levels. It has got a sweet and sour flavor that is completely unique of its own kind. This juice is going to take hardly five minutes of your time to get prepared. Get the complete recipe here

Potato Lollipop Recipe

This unique recipe is loved by kids and adults as well. It is going to serve perfectly as a snack or a starter and you can name it as an appetizer for the Iftaar dinner as well. This delectable recipe is a roll of boiled spicy potatoes layered with breadcrumbs. Get the delectable recipe of Potato Lolli Pop brought to you by SooperChef here

Greek Salad Recipe

Iftaar is incomplete without a refreshing salad that makes you gain back your lost energy level on an instant basis. One of the most famous salad recipes that is eaten all over the world by foodies is Greek Salad. Greek salad doesn’t require that much of a hectic preparation method and time to be served at the time of Iftaar. Do give a try to this unique in taste salad recipe for your Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here

Lasagna RollUps Recipe

This delicious and creamy rich in taste recipe is going to delight your taste buds at the time of Iftaar. The recipe is a pure continental recipe that can be cooked easily within the comfort of your very own kitchen. This delectable recipe is going to keep your stomach fill and as a result, you are not going to have to eat more to burden your stomach. Watch the one-minute instant video of Lasagna Roll-Ups recipe. Get the complete recipe here

Pinwheel Samosa Recipe

The recipe and shape of this unique samosa is quite different from the most popular street snack samosa that is triangle in shape. This samosa has got a complete unanimous flavor of its own that is surely going to please your taste buds. We are pretty sure that it is going to serve as a perfect snack at the time of Iftaar for you. Do give a try to this unique and rich in taste recipe at home. The recipe is so simple to be made and served that you are going to get complimented by your family for this special snack. Get the complete recipe here. Have a blessed and joyous month of Ramadan from SooperChef. Enjoy most delectable and mouthwatering recipes that are covered in one-minute instant cooking videos by the largest digital food network of Pakistan.


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