According to the statistics, an average woman spends about an hour on her appearance to look appealing, attractive, charming and gorgeous on a daily basis and don’t you think that is too much of a time to be wasted? This is the topic made for all of the lazy heads to get started. Moreover, in addition to that, there are some Easy Yet Valuable Ways to Look More Appealing Instantly.

BetterRead has gathered a couple of savvy tips and tricks that is surely going to save your precious time and in the mean-time, you will also look beautilicious by any means. Moreover, the recommendations given by us is surely going to save your money as well.

Let’s have a look at the tips:

Making the manicure last longer

To cover up your beautiful nails with the help of shellac gel is savage to be considered, but this type of manicure tends to fade out very quickly and then once again, you need to visit the beauty salon. On the other side, if you use a glittering nail polish, it will be an aid to postpone your visit to the salon for some time. What you need is to apply the polish at the base of your nails.

Keep the button from falling off the shirt

And if you are almost ready to go out and the button on your favorite shirt just wore is about to fall off, you need to fix it up with a colorless nail polish. And you are good to go where you are heading, either it is a casual party or a dinner or an important meeting to be attended.

Prolonging the life of the liner

This tip is not going to work with all the liners, but there is a certain chance that it is going to work perfectly with yours. When the applier quits giving the visible line, all you need to do is take it out and put it back inside with the other end first. Now, you have a new liner! Simple as it is.

Fold your clothes for comfy mornings

Morning struggles to get yourself the perfect clothing present inside your cupboard can annoy even the most calmful person on the planet. So, it's better to fold your clothes in a proper manner and you will be able to find your clothes at the first look within your closet. There will also be no need to pack and reorder all the clothes in your wardrobe then.

Contour Instantly

If you consider that highlighting and contouring are way longer and slow dreary actions, you need to get yourself two concealers, one with a lighter skin tone and the other with the darker tone. You must draw two 3’s on to your face and then blend those lines in a thorough manner. That is it. Contour is applied perfectly to your face.

Make a long belt look fashionable

A free and unwanted tail end most often looks pretty long enough, so you need to decide how to cope with it? Either leave it unnoticed or tie the belt in a knot shape and it looks pretty beautiful. That is the coolest idea to make your belt look fashionable.

Make your perfume Smell longer

You don’t need to carry a bottle of perfume or a deodorant in your handbag all the time if you apply a moisturizer on your skin before using a perfume. Vaseline, for instance, can be of great help. After applying Vaseline on to your skin, spray the perfume all over your body, and especially dab it with your wrist.

Treat your pimples quickly

If you wake up in the morning with an unexpected, weird and pathetic pimple on your face, destroying your beauty looks, apply some clear eye drops onto it. They are going to contract the capillaries and the pimple is going to deflate in an instant manner. Here are some Major Causes of Acne and Cures to Get an Instant Relief from It.

Complete your makeup within NO time

If you are really in a hurry to go somewhere and have no time to do a proper makeover for the function, you can simply fill up your eyebrows. And that is the end of it. It will be an aid to provide you with the elegant looks and will also make you feel that you are having a proper makeover on your face.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

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