Every one of us feels sick or under the weather, especially during the winter season. But if there is some serious issue that is bothering you for quite a period of time, you must take care of your health seriously. In fact, it is all about stress. Most of the doctors say that it can cause various diseases.

BetterRead has selected a couple of most well-known signs that show your body is under the effect of stress.

Skin diseases

Acne, eczema, and other skin diseases might be caused by stress. Scientists conducted a thorough research among students from different schools, and it unfolded a direct connection causing skin problems due to psychological stress. Same applies to the people at the workplace or at homes that are exposed to a large dosage of stress are catchier towards various skin infections.

Weight Changes

For some people, stress situations can cause an increase in the production of the hormone cortisol. It stabilizes their metabolism of fats and carbs that tend to support their hormone cortisol. If a person has too much of hormones and is stressed out, the person will tend to eat more, the body will produce a lower amount of testosterone, and their body will be burning the low amount of calories. That will, eventually, make them gain weight. And for some people, anxiety, and stress can cause them to lose their weight. Increase in the level of adrenaline in their blood is going to make this happen. Adrenaline boosts up their metabolism, but eventually, it turns down to slower the excretion of fats. Therefore, they will turn down skinny.

Frequent Colds and Fevers

As we said earlier, stress is the major cause for the production of cortisol, that can suppress your inflammation. However, if any of us is experiencing chronic stress, the immune system rather tends to be less sensitive to cortisol, that results in a more serious form of inflammation. Our body then has got the high chance of getting cold or fever. It is not about the cold weather as it is only an igniter for a weakened immune system. If you are getting sick more often, start thinking about something that worries you a lot in your life and stops getting bothered by that thing.

Gastrointestinal disorders

There is a scientific proof of the fact that stress can have a negative effect on our gastrointestinal tract. Most of the time, medication for abdominal distension and stomachache don’t help at all. Just in such case, you need to visit a psychologist and it can be very helpful for you. A doctor will examine the cause of your anxiety and will try to root the real problem.

Lack of focus

Most of the people who have been under stress for a long span of the time find it difficult to focus on their daily tasks. If you are starting to notice that you have become less focused than your actual routine, maybe it’s time to take some rest. It happens due to nervous tension.

Loss of hair

Scientist has concluded that the stress can make you half or even fully bald. So, if you are noticing that you have less hair than before, and various vitamins are also not making any positive impact, stress is the key to this problem then. Stop being nervous if you really want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful for the rest of your lives.


Headaches can be caused due to various reason such as osteochondrosis, a wrong position during your sleep at nighttime, low or high blood pressures, sinusitis and much more problems. But sometimes, headaches are due to emotional stress that you might are experiencing at work or at home. Taking medications might help you with a headache. But, if you do not keep away the stressful situations from your life, the headache will return, bothering you again and again.

Sleep Disorder

A stressful situation can be a major reason for troublesome sleep. You might have insomnia if you have been under heavy stressful situations for a longer span of time. It becomes a very critical situation as you won’t be able to work normally and enjoy life without a proper sound sleep. When sleeping pills aren’t working in such a situation, it is time to better consult a doctor. It becomes crucial for you to find out the reason for your sleep disorder and how to eliminate this problem as soon as possible.

Cardiovascular diseases

Our hearts have to suffer a lot during most of the time in our lives, both bad and good things. The stressful situation leaves a really bad impact on our hearts. Various Scientists have proven the fact that chronic stress is one of the most common causes of heart diseases. Such circumstance like living in poverty, hard work, no work at all, relationship problems can only worsen the situation.

How do you react to the stressful situations? We would like to hear your comments.

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