Have you ever wondered that some of the organs in our body are considered to be useless and one can live without having them in the human body? But, these organs surely seem to make our life pretty easier, but, in fact our body can still do proper functionality without having them in our bodies.

BetterRead has compiled a list of such organs that a human can actually live without, it is a worth it read.

Let us have a look at the list of such useless organs that are present in our human body.

One lung

One lung is sufficient for a proper functioning of breathing, but the other lung can easily be removed from the body for the treatment of lung cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases related to lungs. Breathing is relatively harder with one lung but still it possible to survive and breath with one lung to be removed as patients tends to lost almost 35 percent of the air volume that they exhale in a second, according to the recent study published by the Journal Respiratory Care.


Yes, you read it right, the large intestine present in our body can be eradicated for the treatment of colorectal cancer or a Crohn’s disease, bowel disease or ulcerative colitis and the surgeon also feel the need to remove the rectum along with the colon. Most of the time, the surgeon is going to connect a pouch that is usually made of small intestine to your anus so that you can excrete the waste as usual, or the waste can be diverted via the small intestine to an opening that is created in the abdomen, that would be helpful to empty into a bag outside of your body. Patients might feel an urge of using more washroom trips and certainly need to change their dietary routines to avoid diarrhea.


Patients that suffer from a bladder cancer is going to get this organ removed from their bodies and the lymph nodes and the prostrates or uterus, ovaries and possibly certain parts of the female reproductive organ along with it. Surgeons fix it with a piece of intestine (small or large) to divert the urine out of the human body via the urethra that patients on a manual basis use to drain themselves via a thin tube or by the help of an ileal conduit for the urinary diversion that transmits the urine into a bag outside the human body. But, patients must keep that in mind that they need to empty the bag as life will get back on a normal track after a short span of time. The patients will consider themselves to identify when their bladder is full of the urine with the help of certain symptoms.


Our liver tends to make bile that is helpful for the breakage of body fats, and that bile particularly gets stored in the gallbladder just in case you intake a fatty or junk meal, but, our human body doesn’t really rely on that stored bile for the breakage of fatty or normal intake of meals. Most of us have a normal diet routine to without noticing much of a difference when the gallbladder is taken out from the body. Our body doesn’t need an extra bile due to the fact that a normal human body is used to the regular diet and generally knows how to digest it in a proper manner.


The major function of the spleen is to filter out the human blood that regulates in the body, but, it may be removed if it is causing a disease or either it is damaged with a certain type of blood disorder. The spleen plays a vital role in the immune system and the patients are more likely to get ill once it is eradicated from the human body. But, a proper vaccination is given to the patients when the spleen is removed from their body as there is an increased risk of certain infections that can be caused by the removal of the spleen.

One kidney

Kidneys are considered as the primary organs of the human body and most often, people donate one of their kidneys to the needy patients in this world as well. Two kidneys have more than sufficient tendency to meet the expectation of our body’s needs and requirements and you are still able to maintain a regular process of excreting waste with one kidney as well. A person can live a happy and a healthy life with the donation of one kidney as the other kidney is sufficient for the survival of body’s need.


The functionality of the appendix is yet unclear. Most of the experts think that the appendix is a useless organ. But, for some people, it creates more harm than doing good for the human body. Sometimes, it gets blocked and infected and has to be removed from the system. There have been several long-term effects that are directly associated with the removal of the appendix.

Hope you find the above-listed facts amazing and informative enough and a worth it read. We would love to hear your views on this one.

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