A toothache really creates a havoc and almost all of us have experienced this worst situation once in our lifetime. More than 90 percent of adults have suffered from some form of tooth decay, according to a survey.BetterRead has brought you some home remedies that are going to cost you not even a single penny as compared to the dentist’s bills. And there are no side effects of these natural home remedies for toothache  as well:

Salt water rinse

Making a solution of salt with water is a natural disinfectant, and also an effective yet easy cure to a toothache. All you need to do is make a mixture of a half teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and use it simply as a mouthwash. It will be helpful to prevent swelling of gums and also clean the area that covers a toothache.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful pain reliever and will help you to overcome the discomfort of a toothache. It reduces the plaque on your teeth and also helps to heal the bleeding gums as well. Simply use it as a mouthwash same as you are going to use salt water. To make a mix, you need 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water. Remember, not to swallow it as it can be really harmful.

Clove or Clove Oil

Clove has been treating toothaches for decades as it contains eugenol, a natural sort of antiseptic. You need to use a small amount of powdered clove on the tooth or simply chew the complete clove to release its oil in your mouth and particularly the affected area.

Cold Compress

A cold compress of ice is really effective and helpful to kill any kind of pain you are experiencing as a toothache. You need to use an ice pack or take some ice cubes and put it in the plastic bag and wrap it around with a thin cloth. Now, place this wrap on the toothache area for at least fifteen minutes to numb the nerves inside your mouth. It is also helpful to reduce swelling and inflammation as well.


Garlic is available in almost every kitchen and is considered as a basic ingredient for cooking various dishes. Apart from the fact, it has got medicinal properties as well. It kills the harmful bacteria and also works as a pain reliever as well. The best technique to use it for a toothache is to either make a paste out of it and place it on the affected area of or you can chew it slowly as well. Repeat this treatment for a couple of days until the pain is gone.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are having a property to prevent inflammation and battles bacteria as well. They are not only helpful for toothache relief but also alleviate swollen gums and mouth ulcers as well. You need to chew one or two leave unless its juices start reaching to the affected area.


Onion consists of unique phytochemicals that hit the germs responsible for causing infection and gives you a sudden relief from the pain. The best method is to slice a piece of an onion and chew it on the affected side of your mouth that is in panic. It allows the juice from the onion to penetrate to your tooth inside.Do remember these instant home remedies if you are suffering from a toothache. It is a must try. We would appreciate your views on this one.Also Read: 6 Foods That Help You Smell Great and Defeat Body Odor

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