A bright smile is all that one wants and is always considered as one of the most attractive features that anyone can have. Unfortunately, there are many harmful ways that we adopt and go unnoticed, damaging our teeth such as too much usage of carbonated drinks, caffeine intake, smoking and no routine of cleaning teeth on a regular basis. These little habits sum up to a bigger problem such as dental plaque that most of us suffer from. Do you want to know the easiest homemade remedies to brighten your smile?

BetterRead has compiled a list of natural and home-made remedies to get rid of your dental problems. Let’s have a look at them:

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be easily found in your kitchen and you can use it as a natural scrub for your teeth. You need to mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a minute quantity of salt. Dip your wet toothbrush into the baking soda mixture and brush your teeth as you do on a usual basis. It will help you to remove dental plaque and is also effective to strengthen your gums and teeth. Here are some foods that are available in your kitchen that whiten your teeth as well.

Aloe Vera and Glycerine

You can make a natural toothpaste out of Glycerine and Aloe Vera. Believe us, it is one of the most helpful and powerful toothpaste for your teeth. All you need to do for making a toothpaste out of it is one cup of distilled water, half cup of baking soda, one teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, four teaspoons of veggie Glycerine and one teaspoon of essential oil. Your teeth will be shiny, white and healthier within minutes of usage with this powerful toothpaste mixture.

Sesame Seeds

Yes! Sesame Seeds, you read that right. Take a handful of sesame seeds, chew them for a while and spit them out after five to ten minutes of complete chewing. That is the easiest and gentle way to clean your teeth and will also help to remove your dental plaque. You can clean your teeth and mouth afterward with the remaining seeds by the help of dry toothbrush and water. You can also make a scrub out of sesame seeds and it will be helpful in removing stains from your teeth.

Orange Peel

It is the season of fresh, juicy oranges. After you eat an orange, you need to rub the orange peel on your teeth as it is the most effective and easiest way to clean your tooth enamel. It will be an aid to whiten and strengthen your teeth as it is helpful in the prevention of bad stains and also battles with several types of bacteria as well. After you are done with rubbing for a few minutes, you need plain water to rinse off and gargle your mouth and teeth.

Vinegar Solution

It isn’t one of the tastiest solutions, but believe me, it works wonders and helps to clean your teeth with hundred percent natural manner. For making vinegar solution, you need two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of salt, four ounces of water. Now, make a mixture of it with the combination of these ingredients. You have to rinse this solution on your teeth and repeat it for several days for the ultimate best result.

We are sure that you will find these remedies as a perfect fit to remove your dental plaque. If you know any of the other remedies, do share in the comments section.

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