Don’t let your holiday stress drive you towards anxiety and depression. It will make your whole week a wreck rather than being productive and smiling. You must be avoiding these common anxieties and should stay happy all-season long. Holidays seasons are billed as the season of laughter and joys, but for most of us are expected to be stressed out during the holidays. And for sure, it must not be this way. An advance planning and a bit of foresight can make your holiday season joyous with a hell lot of fun. At SooperChef, we are making you aware about the fact that holiday season can be a cause of stress.

But, the good thing is that you can avoid these steps for the best holiday season.

You rigidly stick to Norms and Traditions

Trying to memorize and doing the same stuff of childhood memories in our holidays is just another type of anger-provoking perfectionism. People tend to feel that they must have some traditional style holidays as they did while growing up, but time doesn’t wait for anyone. It keeps changing. There must be no rule followed to maintain old-styled traditions. The solution to this norm is to break the rules and create new custom traditions that must be replaced and be a part of holiday fun. And if you add up the laughter therapy into it, all the better will happen as laughing yourself out loud reduces stress hormones.

You don't Set a Proper Spending budget

Money, Money, and Money is the number one holiday stressor. That anxiety can stretch into the New year holiday season or any holiday season can be a cause of stress as you keep on struggling to pay off your credit card purchases and remain on a tight budget throughout the year. The solution to this stress is to set a shopping budget while spending money and don’t even think to go above it. A holiday-specific budget includes the amount of gifts purchased for your beloveds, new clothes, items for your household things etc.

Drinking more coffee than usual

Most of the people drink more caffeine during the holiday season and thanks to the combo of the winter season, as it recovers from extra late nights out. Though coffee has many health benefits, excess of anything is bad and everyone knows this fact. It leads to lack of sleep and concentration as well. It is recommended to try having only 16 ounces or less than that of coffee per day and that will be helpful to reduce the risk of certain diseases and will benefit your overall health.

Saying yes to every single party

Festivities and parties are the core part of the holiday season. You party with your colleagues, parents, friends, neighbors, etc. You feel like obligated to attend all of the parties and it is surely going to stress you out. Why don’t you turn down the invitations to parties that are not much important to be attended! Make an excuse of an illness or an important to-do list that you need to do to turn down the party offers.

Spending your time Indoors

Lack of proper sunlight is linked to depressing you and is also known as a seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a chronic dip in your mood that bumps up to 20 percent of the people as days grow short during winter holiday season. SAD may also come up with the feeling of depression and anxiety. Yes, you need to get outside, even it is cold for at least couple of minutes every single day and that my friend will relieve your seasonal stress. It makes sense, both anxiety and depression are interlinked to a lack of serotonin, a chemical in our brain that is linked to happiness. Sunlight is a booster for serotonin levels.

Skipping your workout Routine

While the stress of cooking, work at home, shopping and too much of partied begin to pour in, exercise is the most neglected thing that we tend to do. Studies have proven that exercise battles out our stress. You must be making a daily schedule for a proper workout routine and add it to your to-do list on a regular basis. You will be more likely to work it out while opting this procedure.

Hope you find this article informative and appealing. Want to add something interesting? Your feedback is always welcome.

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