Habits! Either they are good or bad is known as a behavior of a person in a routine manner that tends to happen without proper consciousness, or you can say it is a settled or routine capacity or a practice, certainly, the ones that are hard to give a quit easily.

You can notice several types of good or bad habits that vary from one person to another, rather it is an innocent hair pull or a certain type of handshake, or even a fashionable clothing he/she puts on to the body as a choice.

Here is what BetterRead has to say about your habits that are going to reveal about your personality traits.

Shoe choices

You can easily read someone’s personality via his/her choice of footwear that he opts for day to day life. Shoe wear exactly tends to gauge your age, income and also show the attachment towards anxiety of someone totally based on their shoes. People who wear comfy shoes are related to be agreeable in any cause or action. Ankle boots are worn by the aggressive type of people and wearing uncomfortable shoes indicate that the person is more cool and calm minded, while those with the new and fancy footwear have an anxious type of personality.

The way you walk

If you walk in a forward manner in regards to your weight and the way you walk is quick, you possess an extremely productive character that is considered as highly logical as well. And, if you walk with your chest in a forward direction and shoulders backwards and head upward, you have a charismatic and fun-loving personality. But, if you are over-weight and you stick to the movement of your legs only, you are more focused in people rather in their work. Lastly, if you walk with your toes and eyes stick towards the floor, you have an introvert and polite personality.

Your handshake

If you possess to have a firm handshake, you tend to have an emotionally expressive and extrovert personality among other people and that is a positive sign. On the other side, those with lose grips while shaking hands are more shy and neurotic people. The people with a firm handshake are way too confident, expressive and don’t care about social issues or anxiousness.

E-mail etiquette

If you try to have a help from your coworker or a colleague, the answer is depicted in your inbox. People with a narcissistic attitude will use words as ‘I’, ‘me’, and, ‘mine’ on a frequent basis. On the other side, people with extrovert attitude tends to be more casual while writing an email. Whereas, people with poor typing or grammatical mistakes show that they have a less level of IQ and they certainly need help while typing an e-mail.

Nervous ticks

People who bite their nails or pick their skin with teeth are bounded towards perfectionism, and their certain actions shows the final result of trying to overcome irritation, boredom and dissatisfactory environment. As to them, it feels better to do something instead of doing nothing. These symptoms implicate their perfectionism.

Your punctuality

If you arrive on time, you are considered to be punctual for your life or if you go to any work before the time, it is directly connected to neuroticism. And the people who are mostly late comers are considered as laid-back and lazy. So, consider yourself to be on time and show some punctuality in your life as it depicts your character in a positive manner.

Eating habits

As they say, “you are what you eat”, but science clarifies it in a more appropriate manner that you also are how you tend to eat. People who eat in a slow manner are usually that type who like to be in their limits and certainly know about appreciating their life and fast eaters on the other side shows anxiety and neuroticism. Lastly, if you like to separate certain type of foods on your plate, you are considered as a cautious and detail-oriented person throughout your day to day life.

Shopping habits

If you want to know about someone’s personality in a better way, consider them taking to the mall. There are two types of consumers. One is a friend and the other one is a foe. A friend will be that type of person who will scrutinize every single item that you shop. But, on the other hand, a foe will take it for granted and will decide quickly to get rid of the boredom of your shopping as foes don’t give a damn about the details of items you shop as they simply do not care about you.

Selfie style

Your social media interactions over Facebook or Instagram feeds reveal a lot about your personality. The agreeable type of person tends to take their photos from below and conscientious type of people are less likely to depict their private space in the background. People that tends to display positive face expression such as smiling or laughing are way too open to face new experiences while duck face photogenic people are more neurotic than others.

Handwriting Style

People who write large letters while writing on a piece of paper seek more attention, whereas those with the small handwriting are considered to be introvert and are more concentrated towards their work. Writing with an appropriate style means that you are impulsive and friendly. Lastly, writing with a pressure depicts you are strong towards emotions and react in a quick manner.

Hope you find this article informative and interesting? Tell us about your habits. We would appreciate your views on this one.

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