Winter is right around the corner, and so is cough, flu and other sicknesses. Here at sooperchef, we care for you and your loved ones, so we have decided to list some common habits that you can avoid and have a much pleasant and enjoyable winter.

Usage of Nasal Drops

During the cold days of the winter season, our nasal openings become narrower and we make a mistake of providing them a little “help” in the form of nasal drops. But what this actually does is weakens our nasal membranes and they are not able to warm the air we inhale neither protect our noses from microorganisms. So it is better we only blow our nose before going out.

Breathe through your Mouth

Most of the times during winters, we tend to breathe through our mouths and not our noses. In this way, the air we breathe doesn’t get a chance of being warm or moisturized and increases the risk of being struck by angina. It can be avoided by breathing slowly and deeply through your nose.

Run Home when Shuddering with Cold

One of the biggest mistakes we do is run home while we are shivering with cold. Instead of rushing when you are already cold, it is better to stay a couple of minutes in a shop or café until your body has retained its warmth.

Wearing Tight Clothes

Avoid wearing tight clothes and footwear during the chilly winter season as they are guaranteed to help you freeze faster in the frosty weather. Instead, you should wear slightly loose clothes as the air between the layers will help you retain your body warmth better and you will feel cozy even outside your humble abode.

Going out Hungry

One of the worst things to do before going out on a chilly day is going out hungry. Our body needs to keep warm and for that, it needs some energy to generate the essential heat that would keep the body functions running. This is why it is necessary to eat whenever a pang of hunger appears.

Applying Cream before Going Outside

Applying cream to your face, during the first thirty to forty minutes, causes evaporation. As evaporation causes cooling, it could be dangerous and skin damaging in already cold weather conditions. So it is a good idea to avoid water-based creams and going outdoors after thirty minutes of applying cream or lotion to your face.

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