Bhai achay say jeena chahty ho k nahen? We have to change these simple, everyday casual routine habits to live a long happy life.

Depression is usually caused on by various factors – that might be beyond our control, for instance, the death of a loved one, lost job or financial crisis, or even a couple fight. But, the minor choices we make on a daily basis may also have an impact on our moods more than you can imagine. Your social media habits, workout routine, and even the way you walk may suck the happiness out of you every day, and you may not even know it. But, luck is with you and you can change these aadatein. Read the below ways you are sabotaging your good smiling moods, and what you can do to turn it the other way towards real happiness.

You Slump while you walk

How we start feeling about our walk can have an impact on our walk, but the inverse is also true. Yes, it’s a fact. Many researchers found that when subjects were asked to have a walk with shoulders quietly slouched or bent over, and with minimum use of arm movements, they experienced worst moods in comparison with those who had more prep in their steps. An add-on to all of these is that the participants who walked in a slouchy walking style remembered more negative things rather than focusing on positive things. Tau bhai active walking style apnao na!

Taking pictures of EVERYTHING

Instagram queens and Facebook Kings, listen up. Haphazardly snapping pics may hamper you to remember those precious moments. In a recent study, participants were taken to a museum, observing some objects and taking the pics of the objects placed. Afterward, they had a harder time to remember the items they snapped compared with the ones who actually looked at it. The natural lens is a veil in front of our eyes and we don’t tend to realize it is still there. So, the take from this fact is to start focusing on your subjects when taking pictures or the best way is to sit back and enjoy yourself while viewing them. These are the things that will make you mentally happier and stronger.

You're letting a bully take over you

Bullying doesn’t end when you leave school or college. Almost 54 million workers in the United States employees, are a victim of bullying at some point or another in their carriers. Being attacked again and again in the place of pride and self-esteem on a repetitive basis, it can be devastating to your mental health. It makes you an emotional freak so that it's even difficult to get up and go to work. It would be better to talk to your seniors about being bullied. That will be the best solution to cope up with this matter.

You're in a Bad Relationship

Many partners have them believing that they are either selfish or incompetent. Sometimes it takes years for most of us to realize that their depression and anxiety is coming from the relationship and that they have been left alone. You might need some assistance on this one. First, check out the signs that if your partner is abusive. Then, it's time to consult your family member or a close friend and discuss the issue. If it doesn’t work. Get over it. It’s as simple.

You take life too seriously

Life is short my friend. You must laugh out loud and stay as much happy as possible. There are many types of research and studies that prove the benefits of laughter on our mental health. Laughter is the fastest medication one can get to deal with depression or anxiety. You must seek out humor every single day. Watch funny TV shows, spend time with your friends that can make you smile. You could play with the kids of your family as well to seek out laughter as they talk funny things a lot.

You can't live without your Cell phone

When was the last time you didn’t check your cell phone? Hah, it sounds like a joke and it is not a good sign indeed. With all the devices and gadgets that we have, we tend to overstimulate. And if we are always spending time on them, then we become restless with our bodies and minds. Eventually, falling into depression and anxiety. Try to abstain from your cell phone as much as you can, even do it for half a day and start talking to a nearby person. It will make you happier.

Multitasking, a problem

Yes, we all are the victims of multitasking. We take lunch at our workplace desk, scroll through Instagram while watching TV and texting is a major common thing we do all the time. It leaves us stressed out, and ultimately, we are unable to communicate in an effective manner. To be happy, there is a simple rule that you need to follow; put down your cell phone, turn off the TV and pay attention to what you are actually doing and what is going around your surroundings. Allowing your brain to task one by one in real time is the best thing that you can do for a better mental health.

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