According to the proven old school of thought, you are supposed to drink eight glasses of water in a day. That seems like a hectic task, especially in winter season, but here is the catch that SooperChef is going to provide you. You don’t need to drink all that water for a day. On a regular basis, almost 20 percent of the water source intake comes from solid food items, especially fruits and veggies eaten. But, it is still vital to drink an adequate amount of water – especially during the sizzling hot summer season – but you can also quench your thirst with these hugely hydrated food items, all of which have at least 90 percent of water by weight.


The water content present in cucumber is 96.7 percent. This veggie has got the highest water content in comparison with any other solid foods and is perfect in salads, or served in sliced form. Want to boost up cucumber’s hydrating power even more? Try to blend it in with mint and ice cubes to make cucumber soup. Soup is always hydrating in nature, but you may not be wanting to eat something hot in the summer time but for the season right now, it is perfect. Chilled cucumber soup is revitalizing and delectable at any time of the year.


Celery contains 95.4 percent of water in it. The urban legend about celery having negative amount of calories in it isn’t true at all, but it is pretty close. Like all other foods that are high in water, celery has very few calories, to be exact (6 calories per stalk). And its one to two punches of fiber and water will help you to fill your appetite as well. This food item is also not short in nutrient. Celery contains Vitamins A, C and K and folate as well. Moreover, its high-water content neutralizes stomach acid and it is almost recommended as a natural remedy for heartburn and acid refluxes as well.


Radishes has got 95.3 percent water content and these refreshing veggie is a perfect fixture when it comes to make spring and summer salads or even winter salads as well. They provide a boost of spicy sweet flavor color in small package, and most important fact about them is that they are filled with antioxidants such as catechin.


Tomatoes contain almost 94.5 percent of water in it. Sliced and diced tomatoes will always be the core ingredient in the making of salads, sauces, and sandwiches on a regular basis. You can also add grapes and cherries to your salad bowl with some curd to give a mouthwatering treat to yourself. It can also be eaten in raw form and they taste so good and juicy as well.


This veggie has an amount of 92.1 percent of water in it. Don’t let the cauliflower’s pale complexion make you a fool. Moreover, in addition to having an ample amount of water in it, this veggie is packed with vitamins and phytonutrients that have been proven to help down to low the cholesterol level and fight cancer on the other hand. You can cook them or add them as an ingredient in your salad bowl.


Spinach is the king of all veggies and has got the water content of 91.4 percent. Spinach is usually a better bet than iceberg lettuce. Using raw spinach leaves in your sandwiches or salad provides you a built-in form of hydration, with an added nutritional boost. Spinach is rich in potassium, fiber, and brain healthy folate. One cup of raw leaves of this leafy veggie contains 15 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin E, an important antioxidant that battles the damaged molecules known as free radicals.


This fruit contains 91 percent of water in it. All type of berries is good for hydration, but juicy red strawberries are easily the best of the bunch. You can make smoothies out of it or simply mix it with yogurt and intake this rich diet. Strawberries add natural sweetness to the yogurt and this perfect combo is rich in fiber, proteins, carbs, that makes it a post-workout recovery snack.


Grapefruit has got 90.5 percent of water content in it. This tangy citrus juicy fruit can be an aid to you for lowering down the cholesterol and will shrink your waistline as well. Researchers suggested that people who ate this fruit per day had lowered their bad (LDL) cholesterol by 15.5 percent and triglycerides by almost 27 percent. On the other side, eating half of a grapefruit on a rough basis provide 40 calories before each meal that helped dieters to lose about three and a half pounds of their body weight for over twelve weeks’ time span. Compounds in this fruit also tend to fuel fat burn and stabilize blood sugar, therefore it is an aid to reduce your cravings as well.


Broccoli consists of 90.7 percent of water in it. Like its lookalike cauliflower, raw broccoli adds up the crunchy flavor to your salad. It also contains ample of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fiber. It also has a significant amount of sulforaphane, a potent compound that is going to boost the body’s protective enzymes and wipes away cancer-causing chemicals from your body as well.

Hope you find this article informative and interesting. Have a nice day ahead.

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