A smile makes your face looks bright and joyous and it costs nothing. And the plus is if you have shiny white teeth beholding that bright smile, there is nothing more attractive like it. People nowadays spend a fortune of money on dental surgeries, but there is always something natural nearby you that can easily fix tooth problems within the comfort of your home. We at SooperChef wanted to share on some everyday food items that you would have never ever realized could be as useful to brighten your teeth too.

Here are the common food items that will make your smile more appealing and look bright:

Cheese, not chewing gum

Say cheese! That’s what we ask other when we take the photos. But do you always tend to do it without being hesitated? Or are you always getting clicked while hiding your pale yellowish teeth? Yes, cheese is the solution to bright teeth. As a great source of calcium, it can be an aid to get rid of cavities. pH level is very crucial for our teeth health. Cheese has been noticed to raise our pH level and take it above to 5.5, that may reduce the risk of our tooth decay in many forms. But, on the other side, all chewing gums do is just produce saliva, which is somehow good for teeth. Apart from that fact, sweet gums, specifically, can be more harmful than doing good. People who are suffering from any type of jaw pain are advised by dentists to avoid chewing sweet gums.

Turmeric vs medicines

Turmeric stains are the toughest to shift, and it was the most used dyeing agent among our ancestors. Isn’t it hard to digest the fact that it can whiten our teeth? Many types of research prove the fact that turmeric is a savage to solving dental hygienic problems but also serious dental problems such as a toothache, gum swelling, gingivitis, etc. On the other side, medicines can only give temporary relief to the pain and can do more damage to our dental health in the long run.

Cucumbers vs lemons

It is a well-known fact that lemons can provide you with shiny white teeth. But if you ask from a dentist, he might tell you that there is a side effect of losing teeth enamel while using lemons. So, the alternative to it is natural and that is cucumbers. The fiber present in the cucumber massages our teeth and gums. Along with that, the cucumber juice when secreted in our mouth is of ample benefit for those who are suffering from pyorrhea. Lemons are going to ruin your enamel as it contains such an acid that can take off the thin covering of enamel on your teeth. So, Cucumbers must be used to whiten your teeth and make your smile bright.

Green tea vs black tea

The color of your regular drink matters a lot! For example, our tea, the darker it is, the better and soothing it is to keep you revitalized. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which can battle to plaque bacteria. It also can be an aid to stop and control the growth of bacteria in your mouth, therefore preventing them from producing acid that may lead to tooth decay. On the other side, black tea or coffee can leave you with several tooth problems. Tea stains our teeth due to its high tannin content available in it.

Tofu vs Carbonated drinks

Most of the people have suggested that the consumption of tofu is high in calcium and protein levels. There is one more hidden benefit of Tofu. It is said to be a saliva maker, helping to clean your teeth. It is high in alkali and is a great source of calcium for our teeth. You must add this wonder protein to your diet not only for our tooth wellness but also benefits our overall health. As for carbonated drinks, they are not good for the dental health. Carbonated drinks lead to the erosion of our tooth and produce cavities as well. These drinks tend to damage the layer of enamel on our teeth as well.

Hope you are going to get the benefit to brighten your smiles with whitening your teeth with these simple natural tips.

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