Almost all of us are familiar and have heard a lot about such smart foods that boost and provides immunity to our IQ but are you aware of the fact that some of the daily use of the most common food items are somewhat less-healthy options to opt as it can cause a damage to your brain.BetterRead has gathered a list of such food items that are suspiciously damaging your brain.Let us have a look at all of them and how are they creating such a havoc to our mental health?


It is a fact that excess sugar must not be considered sweet enough when it comes to your health. It may directly make a negative impact on your waistline and brain as well, according to the latest research. The researchers came across the point that the fructose-rich diet reduces brain performance as it impacts the tendency of insulin that provides an aid to our brain cells to use sugar related products that process our emotions and thoughts. Omega-3 fatty acids may halt the brain from the negative effects of fructose. It is recommended to reduce the intake of excessive sugar and get yourself boosted with foods that are rich in omega-3s. Foods that include flax seeds, walnuts, salmon and soybeans to your meals must be added.

Diet soda

Sticking to artificial sweeteners might not be helpful in your case. People are more prone to diabetes as they tend to reach out artificial sweeteners. Moreover, most people with the intake of artificial sweeteners are most likely to be diagnosed with dementia as well. As the link is certain with the beverages containing artificial sweeteners. This study proves the fact that it is best to swap your soda with regular sparkling water.

Baked goods

It isn’t the sugar that you need to be panicked about. Adults that intake the most trans fats on a daily basis tend to have memory loss in terms of remembering memory task. The majority of trans fats are present in the processed foods. Apart, we can’t blame dessert doesn’t make bad news as various researchers prove that chocolate is good and nutritious for your brain, but we must not forget that excess of anything is bad to our health.

Red meat and butter

A rich diet that contains high saturated fats may be the reason to hurt your overall brain functionality, according to a research from Harvard that was published by Neurological stats. The people who eat more saturated fat are immune to have a low brain function and memory. You do not need to avoid saturated fat sources completely, but you need to select low or non-fat variants of animal products such as dairy ones that include milk, cheese, and yogurt. But, you must avoid processed meat and stick to lean meat. You need to intake more proteins from veggie sources such as legumes, and soy etc. These types of foods will keep your brain sharper.

Chips, pizza, and other junk food

Is the junk food a reason for rotting your child's brain? A recent study has proven that kids who ate a lot of junk foods had a drop in their IQ levels as compared to those who ate nutritional diets. Smart and healthy diet during early years of childhood is really important for rapid brain development. Make sure to add cheese and yogurt to the diet of your child, instead of giving them the processed food.


Is blowing the chewing gum good or bad for your brainpower? Many researchers are convinced to the fact that chewing may interrupt in the way of concentration on memory-related tasks. Make it sure to add other brain booster habits to your daily diet routine, such as drinking plenty of water, an adequate amount of sleep and playing brain games as well.Hope you find this article a worth it to read. We would appreciate your views.Also Read: What Happens When You Start Eating Oats Everyday


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