Planning to throw a BBQ party to your relatives or friends on the weekends? Planning to cook on your own? Well, for the sake of saving your stomach from bloating or other serious illnesses and excessive calories, you really need to avoid these not so good food items at the time of your barbeque party.Here is the list of BBQ food items you must really avoid:

A huge burger

Regular size burgers are not the real enemy for you, but the ones with extra toppings really are. If you are planning to host a BBQ party, you need to select a lean grounded beef for making a burger out of it. Options of lamb meat or mutton can also turn out to be a perfect idea to make a burger with. As beef is mostly occupied with a high amount of fats that don’t get digested that much easier, so you must avoid it for the BBQ. Pair your burger with some tomato, cucumber, and red onion. It will be very simple, delectable and satisfying.

Creamy salads

Traditional salads are mostly made up of macaroni and potatoes with a mix of huge quantity of mayonnaise and cream. That might taste yummy but it is surely a maximum fat bomb. Moreover, if your BBQ party is planned at the lunch time, it can get easily spoiled by the sun that will lead towards food poisoning. So, if you are surely going to add salads in your BBQ plan, try making the lighter versions of it that consist of leafy greens and less amount of fats and carbs with the addition of fruits. You can try making delectable salads offered by SooperChef.

Steak with visible fat

The tastiest steak is most probably a cut that is nicely selected and in a proper thick shape, but that indicates a high amount of fats. You need to go for a lean cut, like lamb meat or beef chops such as tenderloin or sirloin. You can bring its real flavor by sprinkling lime juice, pepper, salt after you are finished with grilling it, instead of using it before. You can also sprinkle a bit of black pepper, lime juice as you are about to finish with grilling, making it easily digestible for you.

Both halves of a burger bun

Most perfect type of burger buns are usually made from refined white flour, and that definitely means that you get more carbs and less key nutrients. You can avoid eating one half of a bun and start to eat your burger with an open face or top it off with a lettuce leaf, the best that you can do to cover the burger.

Dessert items

Dessert items of any type, any kind is a bold no for a BBQ party and especially if you are watching your waist and trying to maintain weight. You can opt for grilled fresh fruits such as pineapple, plums, peaches etc. But going for a dessert is literally going to bust your diet as they are rich in calorie count. Moreover, they aren’t healthy for your heart as well. You can opt out for fresh homemade drinks rather than eating sweets.Hope you find this article informative thing to read for today. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: Best Foods to Control the Appetite for People Always Craving for Food


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